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USA Rugby Play-off Required Waivers for In-Season Transfers

Regulation 3.4. Player Eligibility

(i).  Player must not have played in a National Championship Qualifying Match for any other Club, regardless of the division of, or the geographical distance between the two Clubs, during the current Competitive Season without a Waiver from USA Rugby.

Please note that in order to be eligible in the USA Rugby Play-offs, any player who has transferred to a new senior club during the current competitive 2021-22 season, must receive a Waiver from the Senior Club Eligibility Committee.

Because the SportLomo membership program does not require an administrative ‘approval’ for transfers to occur, transfers may have been completed by the player without notification to the receiving team or the local Union. 

Please inform your clubs and competitions managers of this requirement so that the teams which have already qualified for the USAR play-offs, or which are in a strong position to advance, can review their rosters. Any in-season transfer players should request a Waiver early – either now, or as soon as the team has moved into play-off contention. This will expedite the eligibility review conducted by the Senior Club Eligibility and Competitions Committees in May.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask the eligibility committee (seniorclubeligibility@usa.rugby).

Senior Club Waiver Request Form

Going forward, the TRU will be manually reviewing transfer requests in Sportlomo. A tab has been added to the existing Compliance spreadsheet for transparency. While the TRU is reviewing these, the responsibility for submission of transfers to the Senior Club Eligibility Committee still falls on Club Administrators and players.