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2022 Promotion / Relegation – Final Results (for the 2022-23 Competitive Cycle)

The review period has ended and the TRU / RRRC Competitions Committee has finalized the divisional alignments for the 2022-23 competitive season.

In its July 11, 2022 meeting, the Committee heard several appeals of the application of the TRU / Red River Promotion and Relegation Policy. Here are the results of those appeals.  Details of the Clubs’ appeals and the Committee’s discussion can be found in the minutes from the Committee meeting.

Men's Division 1

  • Dallas Harlequins MD1 appeal relegation to MD2 / APPROVED.  The Harlequins men’s top side will remain in MD1 for 2022-23

Women's Division 1

  • Dallas Harlequins WD1 appeal relegation to WD2 / DENIED.  The Harlequins women will play in WD2 for 2022-23.

Men's Division 2

  • West Houston MD2 appeal relegation to MD3 / DENIED.  West Houston will play in MD3 for 2022-23.
  • Little Rock MD2 did not appeal relegation to MD3, and will play in that division for 2022-23.

Women's Division 2

  • DARC Dames WD2  appeal relegation to WD3 / DENIED.  The Dames will play in WD3 for 2022-23.
  • San Antonio WD2 appeal promotion to WD1 / APPROVED.  The Riveters will remain in WD2 for 2022-23.
  • sHARCs request to add a WD2 side / APPROVED.  sHARCs 2 will play in WD2 for 2022-23.

Men's Division 3

  • Austin Huns MD3 appeal relegation to MD4 / APPROVED*.  Subject to the conditions imposed by the Committee, the Huns 3d side will play in MD3 for 2022-23.
  • Denton MD3 appeal relegation to MD4 / APPROVED.  The Denton men will remain in MD3 for 2022-23.
  • Corpus Christi appeal relegation to MD4 / APPROVED.  The Crabs will remain in MD3 for 2022-23.
  • McAllen appeal relegation to MD4 / APPROVED.  The Knights will remain in MD3 for 2022-23.
  • OKC Tribe request promotion to MD2 / DENIED.  The Tribe will remain in MD3 for 2022-23.
  • OKC Crusaders request promotion to MD3 / APPROVED.  The Crusaders will play in MD3 in 2022-23.

* The Austin Huns MD3 appeal to remain in MD3 was approved under the condition that they play the entire 22-23 season with no forfeits (played or unplayed). If they forfeit in the next season they will automatically be relegated to MD4 without the right to an appeal.

Appeals to the TRU Board

Each of the foregoing clubs whose appeals to the Competitions Committee were denied had the right to appeal to the TRU Board under Eligibility Rule 3.5(a).   As of the USA Rugby reorganization post bankruptcy, the Red River Competitions Committee is a subcommittee of the Texas Rugby Union.  The Texas Rugby Union is the “Approved Governing Body” for TRU member clubs under the USA Club Rugby Association Bylaws, and the Eligibility Rules. As such, final appeals of the Competitions Committee’s divisional status determinations are heard by the TRU.  No club filed an appeal of the Competitions Committee’s determinations with the TRU Board; therefore the determinations listed above are final.  

Schedule and League Structure

Due to the length of the Competition Committee’s regularly-scheduled July call, and in order to allow any appeals to be heard on the July 18, 2022 TRU Board call, the Competitions Committee has not yet established a league structure.  That work will be done at a special meeting of the Competitions Committee on July 25, 2022, and published shortly thereafter.

The 2022-23 schedule will then be created and circulated to the club contacts in the TRU contacts list by the end of August.  Clubs will be given a period of time to negotiate changes with their opponents and request that those changes be made.  Acceptance of the proposed changes will be subject to Competitions Committee approval and referee availability.