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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 7/11/22

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

  1. Roll Call
    1. Young
    2. Dodge
    3. Martin
    4. Kurylas
    5. Dale
    6. Roche
    7. Hughes
    8. Kolberg
    9. Hanlon
    10. Leming
    11. Kueppens
      1. Guests
        1. MD1
          1. Quins
            1. John Dale
            2. John Conmee
        2. WD1
          1. Quins
            1. John Dale
            2. John Conmee
        3. MD2
          1. West Houston
        4. WD2
          1. DARC Dames
            1. Alejandra Serrate
        5. MD3
          1. Huns
            1. Brian Wellborn
          2. McAllen
            1. Travis Hughes
          3. Denton
            1. Andrew Chapman
            2. Marie Wilson
          4. Corpus
            1. James Rangel
            2. Robert Hays
            3. Louis Gaitan
            4. Bo Andrade
            5. Randall Stuart
            6. Michael Perez
      2. Regrets
        1. Fosco
  2. Promotion & Relegation Discussion – w/ CLUBS
    1. Dodge: Thanks to all for joining and for sending in your appeals beforehand. We gave every club the option to attend or to stand by their statement and it looks like most of you wanted to join. We appreciate your engagement!
    2. MD1
      1. Quins
        1. Conmee: Thanks for having us, looking at MD1 we feel that even with only 2 wins we want to remain in this division. We had a tough year recovering from COVID and our support of the Dallas Jackals hurt our side a bit. We want to continue supporting the Jackals but will focus more on ensuring that our administration and recruiting is strong. We want to remain in MD1 and also keep growing our second side.
        2. Dodge: Do you anticipate that some of your coaching staff will return?
        3. Conmee: Yes. We will also gain back some of the MLR players that were called up when the Jackals had injuries. 
        4. Dodge: You’ve participated in 7s so far, do you anticipate continuing this summer?
        5. Conmee: Absolutely. We haven’t always focused on 7s but we want to do that now and be competitive. Our strong 7s platform will allow us to have a stronger XVs side.
        6. Hanlon: If you were to be in the league for the next three years, what’s the progression you want to see?
        7. Conmee: Moley is our head coach and he has had great success. He is committed to growing the club and has shown that he has the power to recruit. We want to add another side so we could grow to three sides eventually. We want to compete in the top three of the division and we realize that is a stretch goal but we intend to attract top recruits domestically and internationally. We have financial support from our Old Boys and they are very committed to continuing to do that.
        8. Leming: Do you feel like if you went to MD2 that it would be a determinant to your side?
        9. Conmee: Yes, I believe it would be very detrimental to our club. We are affiliated with the Dallas Jackals and we recruit as a D1 side. It would affect us on and off the field. 
    3. WD1
      1. Quins
        1. Conmee: Obviously last season we struggled for numbers and COVID didn’t help. Towards the end of the season we pushed hard for recruiting and we are participating in 7s this summer. It’s looking like a strong 7s season as we’ve only lost one game so far. We have a new coach in Whitney and she’s learning the culture of the Quins and it seems like a strong fit. The main thing for the ladies is that there is a huge gulf between WD1 and WD2 and we feel that we’re closer to the D1 sides so we want to remain there.
        2. Dodge: The 7s tournament are you playing in the premier (RRRC) or TOLA? 
        3. Young: We will be renewing our relationship with the Rocky Mountain and they have indicated that Utah would like to rejoin. How will you handle three away matches that are likely all a plane ticket?
        4. Conmee: As long as the fixture list is set then we will make it work. We have the financial support and are always open to traveling. 
        5. Young: If you were to move down D2, how would that affect the club?
        6. Conmee: The same as the MD1, they are hungry to play and moving us down would be detrimental. If we dropped down we would lose the drive and hunger that they are showing.
        7. Young: How are you differentiating yourself from all the other women’s clubs in Dallas? 
        8. Conmee: We recruit from everywhere, not just Texas. We even have some Shreveport players playing with us this summer. We also want to explore recruiting internationally just like we are for men. We want equity across the board for our clubs regardless of gender.
        9. Alejandra: How many women have you recruited since COVID?
        10. Conmee: 6 or 7 with 1 or 2 probable international players.
        11. Dodge: What do you anticipate the season will be for WD1? 
        12. Young: Right now we’re looking at a Spring only competition as that is the team’s preference. How would that affect you John?
        13. Conmee: We would train all fall to be ready and would make sure we’re set up for success come the Spring.
        14. Young: For WD2 we have proposed that we do an East/West division. The teams won’t perfectly line up geographically but it will be close.. The women’s reps have been leaning towards placing the Quins in this division. Thoughts?
        15. Conmee: I don’t want to be a broken record but we want to play D1 and we are preparing to do that. When we did play the D2 sides there wasn’t much competition. We want to keep playing in Division 1.
        16. Hanlon: If we don’t focus on last season, if we looked at the last five years…how many D1 games have the Quins won? If the D2 is going to be a lot stronger than last year’s representation won’t be the same…
        17. Conmee: Based on how we’re regrouping, recruiting and our performance in 7s this is going to be our year. The administration hasn’t always supported the women (being very transparent) and they are now. We feel that the focus on the women is what is going to be the best for our club.
        18. Dale: To look at the last three years it’s not a great example because of COVID.
        19. Young: I commend you for focusing on gender equity. 
    4. MD2
      1. West Houston
        1. Dodge: Hunter submitted a pretty extensive written submission and committee members have reviewed.
    5. WD2
      1. DARC Dames
        1. Alejandra: We initially appealed our relegation but are now considering staying in WD3. Our players are in transition and aren’t sure if they can commit to WD2 at this time.
        2. Young: Has Monique shared the proposal for WD2 this year?
        3. Alejandra: Yes, and we like it but feel like we need a rebuilding yet. 
        4. Alejandra: I think that is our concern, if we had to play a full XVs schedule we would be doing it without reserves most of the time and we are worried that we wouldn’t be able to complete a full schedule.
        5. Young: Understand and sorry to hear of this development. Have you considered joining forces with another club for a season? We’ve also had some discussions about having one Dallas club, is there interest in that?
        6. Alejandra: Yes, we’ve talked about joining and even the one Dallas club idea. For 7s we are combining with other teams so we can keep playing and we’d like to rebuild for XVs.
    6. MD3
      1. Huns
        1. Wellborn: Like a lot of other clubs COVID has been very difficult. This year we struggled mainly on the D3 side especially when it came to travel. We’re recruiting heavily as well as working to continually improve our facilities. We want to remain in D3 and believe that a move down would really hamper us and make it impossible to continue competing at that level. Obviously with Austin across the street we compete for recruits with them and remaining in D3 is critical.
        2. Dodge: Was the number issues more that you’re a multi-side club or what do you think was the main factor?
        3. Wellborn: Our D3 side is mostly Old Boys and for home games we would field all our sides. We heard over and over that our players were content to sit out the season until COVID passed. We’re now seeing renewed interest in returning to play and we’re confident we can field 3 sides.
        4. Kolberg: Do you know how many D3 games were forfeited when your other sides were playing? This would obviously thin out the ranks of your three sides.
        5. Wellborn: We forfeited 4 games for all sides and at least half of those were when all sides were playing.
        6. Kolberg: If you had been able to move those matches to other days do you think you could have made that match happen?
        7. Wellborn: That’s hard to say, it hasn’t been an issue in our past. As far as I can recall this is the first season we’ve had this many forfeits. We are seeing more movement than usual between our sides as players move up to play MLR.
        8. Kurylas: If we have a schedule similar to last season, how confident are you that you can travel as a multi-side club?
        9. Wellborn: Right now I’m extremely confident, first is that our 7s season is going very well and we’re bringing in guys left and right. Second, we’re hosting a 6-week touch league this summer and that is always a great recruiting tool for us. It’s a tournament style and the competition always brings out the athletes. We feel really good that it will translate to players on our XVs side.
      2. McAllen
        1. Hughes: As most teams have indicated we were heavily affected by COVID. We also were impacted because I was out of the state for the whole season. We lost a lot of players because of COVID and we recruited new players but they had a steep learning curve. I’m proud of all the players that we fulfilled our obligations and we transitioned to new administration and coaching staff. We’re playing 7s and anticipate finishing out the summer with more rugby education. The main reason we want to stay in D3 is that if we moved to D4 there isn’t a viable competition for us down in South Texas. 
        2. Dodge: Did you have any forfeits?
        3. Hughes: No. We showed up with what we had even if it was a 5 or 6 hour drive.
        4. Young: You mentioned that you not being available was a struggle…you’ve been the guy for years…are you getting support?
        5. Hughes: Yes, we have two certified coaches now (not including me) and we’re trying to build our administrative support. We were in the playoffs the year before COVID and so it was a steep hill for us to be where we were.
      3. Denton
        1. Chapman: Same as above, COVID heavily impacted us. We’re a single club side and we aren’t in the Dallas metroplex. We always recruit athletes but agree with Travis that there is always a steep learning curve. We feel that we played some really competitive matches this past year and we had no forfeits even playing out of the state. The problem we’re looking at is if we look at D4 it won’t be competitive. Especially if the OKC Crusaders move up then there isn’t much of a competition.
        2. Dodge: Questions? None.
      4. Corpus
        1. Gaitan: Like everyone else has said, COVID was very rough. We pull our players from the military and that was very difficult. They weren’t able to play with us most of the season due to very strict COVID protocols. We’ve added a new coach and our Old Boys are starting to step back in. We didn’t forfeit any matches even though most of our matches are 3-4 hours away. We belong in D3 and if we move down to D4 there isn’t a viable competition for us.
        2. Dodge: Questions? None.
    7. Promotion & Relegation Discussion – without CLUBS
      1. MD1
        1. Quins
          1. Kolberg: I motion that we let the Quins stay in D1.
            1. Martin: Second.
              1. Leming: Why and what does that do for divisional alignment?
              2. Kolberg: The Quins have been down for a couple of years but they’re a fixture in the TRU. We need more D1 teams and we need clubs that want to play up. They are committed financially and with their coaching and administrative support. I think it would be a huge mistake for the DFW Metroplex rugby team to have them relegated.
              3. Martin: From a referee perspective these are critical opportunities for referees to gain experience at this level of match. 
              4. Dodge: if the Quins stay up, it’s 6 MD1 with a 10 matches home/away. I would also point out that there was quite a bit of parity with Grand Prairie and they only ended up on the chopping block because of a single point differential. 
              5. Roche: A SINGLE point differential. 
              6. Hanlon: They have been a D1 staple and haven’t seen the success but the majority of the matches are closer for 50-60 mins. They need to sort out their bench and it will be a different game.
              7. Dodge: If we had someone knocking on the door to move up to MD1, this might be a different story, but we don’t.
              8. Roche: Not to mention they had to play the MD1 Champions this year. 
              9. Keuppens: That is a great point.  The TRU competition is pretty strong on the national stage. Playing in MD1 is not easy and I commend the Quins for wanting to stay in it and improve.
                1. Dodge: Any further discussion? Any opposition to the Motion to allow the Quins’ top side to stay in MD1? None. APPROVED.
      2. WD1
        1. Quins
          1. Young: I motion that we apply the policy as written and that the Quins be  relegated to WD2. 
          2. Leming: Second.
          3. Hanlon: Yes, I agree. The reason I asked that question about how many games they’ve won in D1 is because it’s zero. I don’t think they are at the standard and could use a year playing other competition.
          4. Leming: I find it hard to believe they won’t play unless it’s D1.
          5. Martin: What does this do to the makeup of the division?
          6. Young: It means we have two D1 teams in Texas and we continue our relationship with the Rocky Mtn and Frontier teams. The Quins have played in D1 for several years and we’ve granted their appeal to stay in the past even though the score lines continue to be wide chasms. Our top D2 teams could provide them really good competition and help them work towards a return to D1.
          7. Dodge: What Conmee said about the gap between WD1 and WD2 did resonate with me. In the matches they did play against the WD2 North clubs last year, they won pretty handily. 
          8. Hanlon: Yes, there does appear to be a gap there but I would say it is more D1 and the D2 North. The other D2 teams, in particular San Antonio did very well this year and newcomers Rage showed up. If the Quins played the more competitive WD2 sides like San Antonio and Little Rock…does that help the league overall? I think it does.
          9. Young: That’s where I’m coming from and you articulated it better than I did Gordon! My outlook for the women has always been long term. An example is when we asked the sHARCs to move up to D1. This was a big challenge but they accepted it and are now winning consistently and have made that division stronger. If the Quins move down, they can continue improving with good strong competition in the new sHARCs second side, Valks second side, Little Rock and San Antonio, etc and then they can request promotion next year, or if they win it all, they would be entitled to automatic promotion under the policy. With the structure we’re considering for D2 this year it is meant to try and strengthen all the teams.
          10. Dale: We can’t bolster the D2 on the backs of stripping the D1.
          11. Young: I don’t see it that way, this is a way to bring the gap between D2 and D1 together, but it’s over a few years. This won’t be fixed overnight but we’ve added a WD3 with teams growing, moving up and now our D2 is quite large. If we can have really good competition in that division it only strengthens the likelihood of teams moving up. I love playing the Rocky Mtn and Frontier teams but our goal should be a stronger D1 competition in our Union. 
          12. Martin: This is a referee training issue for me, the Quins matches are great opportunities for our referees to get experience.
          13. Dodge:  Are we ready for a vote? Is there any opposition to the Motion?
            1. Dale: I’m opposed to the motion.
            2. Dodge: Let’s do a roll call.
              1. Young: Agree
              2. Martin: Disagree
              3. Kurylas: Agree
              4. Dale: Disagree
              5. Roche: Agree
              6. Hughes: Agree
              7. Kolberg: Agree
              8. Hanlon: Agree
              9. Leming: Agree
              10. Kueppens: Abstain
                1. Agrees: 7, Disagrees 2, Abstain 1; motion 
            3. Dodge:  The Motion is APPROVED.  Lady Quins will play in WD2 for the 2022-23 Competitive Cycle.
      3. MD2
        1. Little Rock
          1. Dodge: They did not contest their relegation to D3.
          2. Hanlon: I spoke to them and their coach is stepping down so they are looking to build that coaching staff back up.
          3. Dodge: Ok, so they will play in MD3 next season per policy. Any objections? None. APPROVED.
        2. West Houston
          1. Dodge: Hunter sent in a pretty extensive appeal, I hope that you’ve all read it. They have been participating in 7s and finishing middle of the pack in the tournaments / divisions entered. This is a club that frankly didn’t play last season; they said they would, and appeared to give it a try, but it didn’t materialize. They also have a strong youth program, so there’s infrastructure there from that, but I don’t know how many of those folks work on the senior side admin / coaching too. 
          2. Hanlon: I spoke to Hunter for about an hour and he mentioned the financial investment that they are making on coaches and administration. They are seeing consistent numbers at practice and seeing a semi decent showing at the 7s tournaments. From talking with them they are doing the right things and just had a rough go last year.
          3. Dodge: Does Hunter have anyone to help him? My perception is that he is the lone ranger for the Senior side.
          4. Hanlon: Yes, they are looking to bring on more administrative support and Hunter is trying to take a step back. He feels strongly that he stays involved so they can improve from last season.
          5. Leming: I guess the question is do we do the same treatment as we talked about with the Huns?
          6. Dodge: Can we bring in Alamo City? I’m looking at the divisions and does Alamo City stay in D3 Central?
          7. Leming: Yes, that is the plan. There has been some discussion if Alamo City and San Antonio were going to combine… at present, they will not. Countdown Elite will probably only be a 7s club.
          8. Dodge: Ok, so a D3 Central would be McAllen, Alamo City, Fort Hood and San Antonio. C3 South would be Arrows, Corpus, BARC and Galveston. Kingwood and San Marcos may try to get back in the mix.
          9. Leming: Are we at a point where Central and South could come back together again?
          10. Dodge: It would be an 8 team league with 14 matches home and away…that seems like a lot.
          11. Leming: Yikes, let’s not do that.
            1. Leming: I motion that we allow them to remain in D2 but if they have an unplayed or played forfeit next year they are automatically relegated next season without an appeal right.
            2. Young: I second.
            3. Dodge: Any further discussion?
              1. Kurylas: I don’t know. COVID is one thing but they didn’t play.
              2. Hughes: Same, I’m not good with this.
              3. Dodge: Ironically there is less travel if they stay in D2. D3 has quite a bit more travel.
              4. Hughes: If Kingwood comes to fruition we can move teams around even more.
                1. Dodge: Ok, let’s do a roll call:
                  1. Martin: Agree
                  2. Kurylas: Disagree
                  3. Dale: Disagree
                  4. Roche: Disagree
                  5. Hughes: Disagree
                  6. Kolberg: Disagree
                  7. Hanlon: Agree
                  8. Leming: Agree
                  9. Kueppens: Agree
                  10. Young: Agree
                  11. Disagree: 5, Agree: 5
                  12. Dodge: I only vote in the case of a tie, so I will cast a vote to disagree. Motion FAILS.
                2. Dodge: Do we have an alternate motion to enforce the policy and have West Houston play D3?
                3. Hughes: I motion to enforce the policy and that they play in D3 South.
                  1. Roche: Second.
                  2. Dodge: Any opposition? None. APPROVED.  West Houston will play in MD3 for the 2022-23 competitive cycle.
      4. WD2
        1. DARC Dames
          1. Young: Listening to Alejandra, I sympathize with them and motion we apply the policy and move them down to WD3 per their request.
            1. Hughes: Second.
            2. Dodge: Any opposition? None. APPROVED.  The Dames will play in WD3 for the 2022-23 competitive cycle.
        2. San Antonio Riveters
          1. Roche: I motion to grant their appeal that they remain in D2.
            1. Martin: Second. They went from a blowout RRRC match to a very tough SF in the Super Regional.
              1. Dodge: Any opposition? None. APPROVED.  The Riveters will stay in WD2 for the 2022-23 Competitive Cycle.
        3. sHARCs II
          1. Young: I motion we accept their proposal to add a second side. This will further strengthen the D2 division and they already have experience managing multiple sides.
            1. Kurylas: Second.
            2. Dodge: Any opposition? None. APPROVED. sHARCs 2 are admitted to the WD2 competition for the 2022-23 competitive cycle.
      5. MD3
        1. Huns
          1. Dodge: It was a bit shocking to me that the Huns flaked on their last few MD3 matches of the season. If I’m not mistaken it was even after matches were moved at their request…I can’t remember if that was player availability, COVID, or a match location issue. If we do move them down it does do some violence to the Central D3 and we’ve talked a bunch about the competition viability of D4.
          2. Dale: I think you just answered your own question, they have to stay in D3.
          3. Roche: I kind of agree that they were like “meh” and let the season just happen. But I feel if we move them down to D4 it would be pretty spiteful especially since we’re leaning towards allowing the other clubs to stay,
          4. Martin: It does seem like the wrong time to “punish” them. Can we put an asterisk on them for the next season to see if they can improve?
          5. Hanlon: They had 115 players last season and they forfeited three games just because it feels like they didn’t want to play (that’s what it feels like). 
          6. Dale: You can’t put words in their mouths like that, we have nothing that says they didn’t want to play.
          7. Hanlon: You’re probably right there.
          8. Leming: I worry that we give them a pass based on their past but I think collectively we all agreed to keep Corpus, Denton and McAllen in D3 because of their willingness to play. This speaks a lot about those clubs and it seems like the Huns just took the easy way out. IF we were to keep them in D3 we would need to be following past precedent. Alamo City was penalized very heavily for forfeiting the playoff game and I think we need to look at that as precedent.
          9. Keuppens: Kind of building on what Shawn was implying, what about putting some kind of performance metric around forfeits. If you forfeit for any reason next year you lose the right to appeal again. 
          10. Martin: Yes, that’s what I was trying to say, thank you. You’ve been given a COVID exemption but if this happens again you are liable to be sanctioned.
          11. Kueppens: If we put a quantifiable performance metric on them it will make them dig really deep. It also honors the clubs that completed their entire schedule even when it was really hard.
          12. Kolberg: If we add this parameter in place we then have it as precedent going forward. We need to be really careful because we could be painting ourselves into a corner. Personally I think they should get a pass this time and we would emphasize that they won’t get a second chance.
          13. Hanlon: If we did move them to D4, what would stop them from scheduling friendlies like the North teams did? Forfeits wouldn’t matter and they would still get games.
          14. Dodge: I don’t think there would be anything preventing that from happening, the Huns would just need to take the reins and do it. I do think it could make it harder for them to continue recruiting because they would mostly have friendly matches and not a formal schedule.
          15. Hanlon: Wendy, do you have the actual registration numbers for the Huns?
          16. Young: Yes, I can check in Sportlomo, 141 registered players.
          17. Dodge: I don’t think there is a question that they probably could have scraped together some folks to play. The question is…how do we want to deal with this? We can follow Kolberg’s proposal of giving them a pass or do we want to put something formal in place about if your forfeit this happens.
          18. Dale: We can follow our Operating Procedures, TRU forfeit policy indicates that “A second occurrence of an unplayed forfeiture in the competitive season will warrant relegation to the next lower division for the following competitive cycle”. So we have precedence and we can follow our policies.
          19. Hanlon: Their forfeits had a massive impact on the season and the division.
            1. Leming: I motion that we follow the TRU forfeit guidelines and that they be relegated to D4 due to their multiple forfeits. They would have the ability to prove themselves and move back up next year.
              1. Hughes: Second.
              2. Dodge: Any further discussion? None. Any opposition?
                1. Dale: I don’t think we should do it because there isn’t a viable D4 competition in their region.
                2. Hughes: If the Huns didn’t want to play in the existing D4 league they could play just social matches? Correct?
                3. Dodge: Correct, they can just schedule their own matches.
                4. Dodge: Ok, let’s take a roll call vote.
                  1. Martin: Disagree
                  2. Kurylas: Disagree
                  3. Dale: Disagree
                  4. Roche: Disagree
                  5. Hughes: Agree
                  6. Kolberg: Disagree
                  7. Hanlon: Agree
                  8. Leming: Agree
                  9. Kueppens: Disagree
                  10. Young: Disagree
                  11. Agree: 3, Disagree: 7; Motion FAILS.
              3. Keuppens: I motion that we allow them to remain in D3 but if they have an unplayed or played forfeit next year they are automatically relegated next season without an appeal right.
                1. Martin: Second.
                2. Keuppens: Should we add something around Acts of God or extreme circumstances?
                3. Dodge: I think this committee is prudent enough to grant an exception if there were a true Act of God or weather concerns, etc.
                4. Leming: I want to clarify that this is any forfeit?
                5. Dodge: Correct. Fil, is a played forfeit allowed under your motion?
                6. Keuppens: No, a played or unplayed forfeit would result in automatic relegation with no right of appeal for the 2023-24 season.
                7. Leming: For Alamo City the precedent was any unplayed or played forfeit would cause additional sanctions. So we have precedent.
                8. Dodge: Any opposition? None. APPROVED.  The Huns MD3 side will be allowed to remain in MD3 for the 2022-23 season, with the caveat that if they have a player or unplayed forfeit during that season, they will be relegated to MD4 without right of appeal for the 2023-24 competitive cycle.
        2. Denton
          1. Martin: I motion to keep Denton in D3.
            1. Kolberg: Second.
          2. Dodge: Any opposition? None. APPROVED.  Denton will stay in MD3 for the 2022-23 Competitive cycle.
        3. Corpus
          1. Dodge: Generally I’m inclined to keep clubs that didn’t forfeit where they are. They committed to their schedules and they completed them so they should be rewarded. Especially with the clubs that aren’t in our major cities like Corpus and McAllen, but find a way to play their entire schedule.
          2. Kolberg: I agree. We have to keep rugby in those areas or we will lose them.
          3. Young: Totally agree.
          4. Hughes: We appreciate that, we’ve traveled a lot of miles and sometimes short but we made a commitment to our schedule. I think Corpus has had a rough go especially when they split into two teams and now they’ve rejoined…I think they have the ability to do this but they need games.
          5. Kurylas: Down South is so tough and if we move them to MD4 then they won’t have any competition. We want them to succeed and so I think D3 is the best for them.
          6. Hanlon: Yes, it’s not like we have a viable D4 at this point. It’s better for them to have a full schedule even if they struggle a bit.
          7. Dodge: For D4, the clubs in the North were pretty successful in scheduling friendlies in the area due to club density. This would be impossible in the South at this point.
          8. Hughes: We setup D4 a few years ago and I didn’t understand it to be a place that clubs could be relegated to. It was to provide an opportunity for developing or sides with Old Boys to get games. 
          9. Dodge: It has evolved over the years for sure.
            1. Hughes: I motion to keep Corpus in D3.
              1. Kolberg: Second.
            2. Dodge: Any opposition? None. APPROVED.  The Crabs will stay in MD3 for the 2022-23 competitive cycle.
        4. McAllen
          1. Kurylas: I motion to also keep McAllen in D3.
            1. Hughes: Second.
            2. Dodge: Any opposition? None. APPROVED.  The Knights will stay in MD3 for the 2022-23 competitive cycle.
        5. Tribe
          1. Dodge: OKC Tribe has requested a promotion from D3 to D2. They would effectively replace Little Rock.
          2. Martin: But not replace the referee drag…
          3. Hanlon: I mean they didn’t even win their division last year. They went 3-3-1. 
          4. Kolberg: Whatever the reason is we have to admire that they want to play up.
          5. Hanlon: I want to play in the NBA but that isn’t going to happen.
          6. Kolberg: There is a tradition/history of teams not playing up. We have to give them credit.
          7. Dodge: The competition between the two OKC clubs on the recruiting front has been great. I was quite skeptical about the ability of OKC to support two clubs, but the Crusaders traveled well in their D4 fixture, and even picked up some away friendlies, and their presence has made the Tribe more competitive, it seems.
          8. Hughes: We are going to start on schedule now. Also, would we put them in the same division?
          9. Hanlon: If we did that could help with the referee problem.
          10. Dodge: It could help a little bit but we still have to service all those other games.
          11. Hughes: It would be one thing if the Tribe were dominant but…
          12. Dodge: My recollection is that during the last full season before COVID they postponed a couple of matches and never made them up when they became irrelevant to playoff standings at the end of the season. Given that and their middle-of-the pack performance this last season, I would generally be inclined to leave them where they are at. 
          13. Young: I agree, I don’t think they’ve done enough to earn promotion. I give them credit for wanting to do it though.
            1. Hughes: I motion for OKC Tribe to remain in D3.
              1. Martin/Kurylas: Second.
              2. Dodge: Any opposition? None. APPROVED.  Tribe will stay in MD3 for the 2022-23 competitive cycle.
      6. MD4
        1. OKC Crusaders
          1. Dodge: I motion that we promote the OKC Crusaders to D3.  They aren’t getting sufficient competition at the D4 level, and had consistent numbers for their away matches.
            1. Martin: Second.
            2. Dodge: Any opposition? None. APPROVED.
  3. New Clubs
    1. Young: We’ve had interest from a few but none have completed the process. The exception is sHARCs WD2 requested the addition of a second side and that was handled in our P&R discussion above.
  4. League Structure
    1. Young: For the women we need to have more discussions with the women’s reps but this is what we’re thinking:
      1. D1: Austin and HARC will play cross over matches with Rocky Mountain and potentially Utah. I’m talking with their newly elected rep now. 
      2. D2: We’re looking at an East/West split with four teams in each region, potentially:
        1. West: Quins, Little Rock, San Antonio, Austin II
        2. East: sHARCs II, Dallas, Round Rock, BARC
      3. D3: DARC has asked to move down so this division will continue to be mostly DFW teams and McAllen.
    2. Dodge: We need to keep working on the men’s league structure, but generally it’s looking like:
      1. D1: Huns, Dallas, Blacks, Grand Prairie, Quins, Rugby HTX
      2. D1b: Huns 2, Dallas 2, Blacks 2, Ft. Worth, DARC
      3. D2: Woodlands, HARC, San Antonio, HURT
      4. D3
        1. 1c: Huns 3, Dallas 3, Blacks 3, Grand Prairie 2, Quins 2
        2. 2b: This division was dissolved last season and there is insufficient interest to restart it for 2022-23.
        3. 3N: Little Rock, Shreveport, Denton, Alliance, OKC Tribe, OKC Crusaders
        4. 3C: McAllen, Alamo City, ORC, Ft. Hood
        5. 3S: Corpus, Arrows, BARC, Galveston, West Houston
      5. D4: Dallas 4, Lost Souls
    3. Next Steps
      1. Dodge: Generally we like to have the schedule ready by the end of August. Travis, when do you want to get started?
      2. Hughes: Agree, would like to get going ASAP. We want to give folks time to review but also get started on time.
      3. Young: It’s 10:30…can we all review this and come together in maybe 2 weeks?
      4. Dodge: Yes, let’s do 2 weeks so we can have the TRU call and any appeals of the P&R decisions we made tonight. Any issues with that? None.
      5. Young: Great, I’ll send out a reminder.
  5. 7s Update
    1. Keuppens: I’ll provide an update via email.
  6. Summit
    1. Young: Courses are up and we’re receiving signups. Get signed up so you don’t miss out!
  7. Elections
    1. Young: We’re going to follow the TRU and open elections in August.
    2. Dodge:  FYI – I will be resigning as Competitions Committee Chair once the new 15s schedule is out, so the members of this Committee after the August elections will need to vote on a new Chairperson.
  8. New Business
    1. None.
  9. Meeting Adjournment (10:36 PM)