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2022 TRU Board Women’s – Nominees & Voting

Please review the below nominees for the Women’s seat on the TRU Board.



Voting rules:

Quorum is 2/3 of eligible voters (9/14 clubs in this case). Candidate must receive more than 50% of the votes to be declared the winner. In case of a tie, the TRU President will break the tie as specified in the TRU Bylaws.

Note that clubs with multiple sides can only vote once. Example: the Austin Valkyries can only vote once and not once per team.

**Eligible Clubs

  • Austin Valkyries
  • sHARCs
  • Quins
  • Dallas
  • Little Rock
  • BARC
  • Round Rock Rage
  • San Antonio Riveters
  • Denton
  • Grand Prairie
  • Alliance
  • OKC Crusaders
  • McAllen
  • DARC

**As we are in a new registration cycle, clubs will need to be registered with USA Rugby to be considered eligible to vote.

Forum @ AGM

The TRU Summer AGM will devote a period of time for each candidate to address the TRU Membership in attendance; TRU Members, Club Representatives and Board Members will be allowed and encouraged to ask the candidates questions and the candidates are obligated to give a short, but explanative response. This portion will be moderated by current TRU Board members to ensure order and effective use of time.

Voting Collection & Confirmation:

Wendy Young, TRU admin will send out a digital ballot after the TRU AGM to the current Divisional Club Presidents listed on the TRU Contacts page (updated annually). Kirk Tate, TRU President, will assist and confirm the votes. If you don’t receive the digital ballot or have additional questions, please email admin@texasrugbyunion.com.

We know many of you have recently elected new officers.  Please use this opportunity to update your Club’s contacts with the TRU by using the Team Contact Update form.

Review the previously posted Nomination and Election process here.

Nomination  Process:

  • Now – Sep 1: Nominees accepted
  • Sep 5: Nominations posted to the TRU website for review
  • Sep 11-16: Online Voting via the TRU Website
  • No later than Sep 20: Results posted to TRU Website