Updated Team Roster Requirements

Members, as we continue our transition to Rugby Xplorer it has come to our attention that the Public Roster system that was previously provided by USA Rugby is no longer available. Public rosters can now only be viewed in the MatchDay App or on your fixture details page once squads are entered in RX.

We have always had a recommendation that rosters be entered at least 48 hours before kick-off but it was not enforced. We are making a change in policy and requiring that rosters must be entered into RX before 7pm on the evening before a match. This will ensure that only registered players are participating in matches and will allow transparency between teams.

Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Squad Management (entering your roster) – add players into the squad via the Squad Management page (admin portal). You can only allocate registered players into teams. We recommend completing this NOT ON MOBILE but rather on the computer first before using the Rugby Match Day App
    • You must have TEAM ADMIN permissions to manage this feature
  • Rugby MatchDay App – use for live scoring and data management at the match
  • Name Withheld – RX Australia offers an option for players to withhold their name as this falls under the GDPR, Europe’s data protection law. USA Rugby is not following that law and requires that players share their names. We would ask that players NOT use this feature as it doesn’t apply to our matches. Learn more.
  • RX FAQs & Questions

USA Rugby is providing a new Find a Club feature that (scroll down past the large image) that offers a way for clubs to verify compliance but this does not allow you to view the actual roster.

If there are any issues with teams not meeting this new roster requirement, please reach out to admin@texasrugbyunion.com.

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