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2024 RRRC Championships Recap

The RRRC Championship weekend has concluded, and what a weekend it was! The heat and humidity in Houston were matched only by the intensity of the matches on the pitch. We crowned one champion on Saturday and another four were crowned on Sunday, and the action did not disappoint. Here’s a recap of the thrilling matches that took place.

2024 RRRC Champions

  • Women’s D1: sHARCs
  • Men’s D1: Dallas RFC
  • Women’s D2: Dallas Harlequins
  • Men’s D2: HURT
  • Men’s D3: Austin Blacks
  • Men’s D4 Invitational: Collin County

Women’s Division 2

Dallas Harlequins 96 – sHARCs II 0

The Dallas Harlequins came out firing on all cylinders, putting on a dominant display against sHARCs II. With a staggering 96-0 victory, the Harlequins showed why they were a force to be reckoned with throughout the season. Their relentless attack and solid defense left sHARCs II struggling to find any foothold in the game.

Little Rock 50 – San Antonio Riveters 0

Little Rock continued their impressive form from the regular season into the playoffs with a convincing 50-0 win over the San Antonio Riveters. The defending champions showcased their strength and skill, leaving no doubt about their determination to reclaim the title. Despite a valiant effort from the Riveters, Little Rock’s dominance proved too much to overcome.

Men’s Division 3

Dallas Harlequins 55 – Shreveport 19

In a high-scoring affair, Dallas Quins emerged victorious against Shreveport with a final score of 55-19. Shreveport fought hard throughout the match, but the Quins’ relentless attack proved too much to handle. With multiple different players contributing tries, the Quins showcased their depth and firepower on their way to the championship.

Austin Blacks III 64 – Little Rock 5

Austin Blacks III continued their impressive winning streak with a dominant 64-5 victory over Little Rock. The reigning champions displayed their championship pedigree, controlling the game from start to finish. Despite a spirited effort from Little Rock, the Blacks experience and skill were simply too much to overcome.

Men’s Division 4 Invitational Championship

Collin County 48 – HURT II 22

In a North versus South showdown, Collin County emerged victorious with a 48-22 win over HURT II. The Copperheads showcased their unbeaten record and proved that they were a force to be reckoned with. Despite a strong performance from HURT II, Collin County’s talent and determination ultimately secured the victory.

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Women’s Division 1

The Houston sHARCs dominated the Women’s Division 1 competition, showcasing their strength and skill in a series of decisive matches. Facing off against formidable opponents like the Austin Valkyries, Pasadena, Raleigh Venom, and Memphis, the sHARCs left no doubt about their championship potential.

Their journey to victory began with a clash against Pasadena on December 16, 2023, where they emerged triumphant with a score of 31-14. This early success set the tone for their subsequent matches, including a commanding 27-0 win over Raleigh Venom on February 24, 2024.

As the season progressed, the sHARCs continued to dominate, delivering an impressive 52-12 defeat to the Austin Valkyries on March 9, 2024. Their relentless pursuit of excellence culminated in a resounding 72-0 victory over the Memphis Flamingos on March 30, 2024, followed by a decisive 55-3 win against the Austin Valkyries on April 6, 2024.

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Women’s Division 2 Final

Dallas Harlequins 29 – Little Rock 0

In the highly anticipated final, the Quins emerged victorious with a 29-0 win over Little Rock. The Harlequins continued their dominant form, showcasing their attacking prowess and solid defense. Despite a valiant effort from Little Rock, the Harlequins proved to be the stronger team on the day, securing the championship title.

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Men’s Division 3 Final

Dallas Quins III 17 – Austin Blacks III 45

In a thrilling final, Austin Blacks III emerged victorious with a 45-17 win over the Harlequins. The Blacks controlled the game and capitalized on their opportunities. Despite a resilient effort from Dallas, the Blacks’ experience and skill ultimately secured the championship title.

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Men’s Division 2 Final

San Antonio 5 – HURT 29

In the final match of the weekend, HURT emerged victorious with a 29-5 win over San Antonio. HURT displayed their determination and skill, controlling the game and shutting down San Antonio’s offense. Despite a spirited effort from San Antonio, HURT’s dominant performance secured them the championship title.

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Due to a regrettable theft incident involving our vendor’s equipment on Friday night in Houston, the live stream encountered significant setbacks. However, through quick thinking and resourcefulness, the team managed to salvage the situation by utilizing backup equipment from another event. While the stream lacked announcers and a scoreboard, it provided viewers with automated cameras and natural game sounds, offering a raw yet immersive experience of the matches.