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2024 RRRC & TOLA 7s

We’re thrilled to announce this summer’s lineup for the RRRC & TOLA 7s Series!

Last year, Dallas and the Austin Huns led the charge in the men’s tournaments, while HEB and Dallas took the titles in the women’s competitions.

Will they hold onto their crowns? As the temperatures climb, teams are already getting into gear on the field. Get ready for an exhilarating season!


The Texas Oklahoma Louisiana Arkansas (TOLA) Regional 7s Series comprises several regional tournaments, each designed to crown the TOLA champions for both Men’s and Women’s Divisions. This year, the series includes 7 events, and here’s what to expect:

1. Lone Star 7s – Dallas (June 8)
Kicking off the TOLA 7s, Dallas will host the Lone Star 7s. It’s the perfect starting point for teams looking to set the tone for the summer and gather early points in the championship race.

2. Bloodfest 7s – Austin (June 15)
Next up, Austin takes the baton with Bloodfest 7s. Known for its fierce clashes and high energy, this tournament is a crucial opportunity for teams to climb the leaderboards.

3. Choctaw 7s – Oklahoma (June 29)
The series extends beyond Texas to Oklahoma, where the Choctaw 7s adds another layer of competition.

4. Hell Or High Water – Houston (July 13)
As the series progresses, Houston’s Hell Or High Water 7s in mid-July will challenge teams to prove their mettle during the peak of summer’s intensity.

5. Cherrybone 7s – Woodlands (July 20)
The Woodlands hosts the Cherrybone 7s a week later, setting the stage for some crucial points in the series standings as the season progresses.

6. River Boat 7s – Shreveport (July 27)
On the same day, Shreveport will host the River Boat 7s, promising a spectacular showdown by the river. As the final event in the TOLA Championship series, this tournament offers teams their last chance to solidify their standings and conclude their season with a strong finish.

7. 7s By The Sea – Corpus Christi (July 27)
Also on July 27, the picturesque 7s By The Sea in Corpus Christi will serve as a scenic venue for a more relaxed, social tournament in the TOLA series. 

Participating in any designated TOLA tournament makes a team eligible to receive TOLA points. The series aims to create a competitive environment where teams can compete and accumulate points without the formal club structure necessary for the USA Rugby Club 7s National Championships. At the end of the series, the teams with the highest number of TOLA points will be crowned as the champions.

TOLA Guidelines

Standings & Past Results


The RRRC (Red River Rugby Conference) Qualifier Series is a highly competitive circuit within the rugby community, featuring three pivotal tournaments. This series plays a crucial role in the selection process for the USA Rugby Club 7s National Championships, focusing on the Senior Men’s and Senior Women’s divisions.

For the 2024 season, the lineup of the RRRC Qualifier Series includes three events:

1. Bloodfest 7s – Austin (June 15)
Austin hosts the first qualifier, Bloodfest 7s, setting the stage for teams to make an early impact in the standings.

2. Choctaw 7s – Oklahoma (June 29)
The action moves to Oklahoma for the Choctaw 7s, where teams continue to vie for crucial points and positioning.

3. Hell Or High Water 7s – Houston (July 13)
The series culminates in Houston with the Hell Or High Water 7s, where the final battles for series points will determine which teams earn their spots at the national championships.

To qualify for a spot at the national championships, teams must not only accumulate the highest number of points by the end of the series but also meet specific eligibility requirements set by USA Rugby and the RRRC. Additionally, participation in at least two of the three tournaments is mandatory for eligibility.

Each tournament within the series not only advances the teams toward national contention but also celebrates the spirit and camaraderie of rugby, making each match an event not to be missed.

RRRC Guidelines

Standings & Past Results


To enhance participation and elevate the level of competition in the Red River and TOLA tournaments, we are excited to bring back the modified Hong Kong Style format this year. During the TOLA/RRRC qualifiers, teams from both RRRC and TOLA will merge for pool play. Teams must declare whether they are competing for TOLA or RRRC points a week prior to each tournament. It’s crucial for clubs entering two teams in the 2nd or 3rd RRRC qualifiers—one for TOLA and one for RRRC—to note that the rosters for each team are locked once declared. Players are not permitted to switch between the TOLA and RRRC teams or competitions during the same tournament. This ensures a fair and consistent competitive environment across all matches.

2024 7s Schedule






Lone Star 7sDallasJune 8David Dodge; Rich ColesanteTOLA
Bloodfest 7sAustinJune 15Chris HansonRRRC/TOLA
Choctaw 7sOklahomaJune 29Jef KolbergRRRC/TOLA
Hell Or High Water 7sHoustonJuly 13Robert NewtonRRRC/TOLA
Cherrybone 7sWoodlandsJuly 20Phil DevosTOLA
River Boat 7sShreveportJuly 27Drew TomsakTOLA
7s By The SeaCorpus ChristiJuly 27Bo AndradeSocial


7s Director: Arnal Prasad, (210) 535-5622