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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 5/13/24

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

  1. Roll Call
    1. McPhail
    2. Dale
    3. Norton
    4. Hanlon
    5. Hunter
    6. Robinson
    7. Kurylas
    8. Ozzie
    9. Hanson
    10. Curl
    11. Hughes
    12. Wegman
    13. Prasad
      1. Regrets
        1. Young
  2. RRRC Elections – Members serve two year terms with elections happening on alternate years, the below committee members are up for election note below.
    1. In Person / Virtual?  Group elected to hold the meeting in person with the AGM at the TRU Summit
    2. Time to be determined. Date will be Saturday, August 24th – Hilton Austin Airport, 9515 Hotel Drive, Austin TX 78729. Likely to be ahead of TRU Board AGM (also in person).
    3. Men’s DI – Norton – standing for re-election
    4. Men’s D2 – Horn – standing for re-election
    5. Men’s D3 – Hughes – standing for re-election
    6. Women’s – Curl – standing for re-election
    7. TRRA member is ex officio and is annually elected – Ozzie (election is in August @ Summit)
  3. TRU AGM – Elections to be held at a time to be determined. Also at the Hilton Austin Airport.
  4. 2024 RRRC Promotion & Relegation results – John Kurylas
    1. John Kurylas email dated 4/23/24 to RRRC as well as on 4/26/24.
    2. Results in summary are summarized to be:
      1. MD1 – No clubs met any of the criteria
        1. Dale – discussion to play H&W plus an additional HorA to add an extra round?
        2. Lowest seeded side to play at Home first year then away next year.
        3. Playoff with top four (4) sides in Semis with Final coinciding with D2 & D3 finals.
        4. Net = 12 to 14 game season
      2. MD2 – No club met any of the criteria
        1. Survey from Blake & Gordon has gone out to the D2 clubs.
        2. Results so far…
      3. MD3 – Dallas RFC 3rds met “relegation” criteria but they currently field a lower (4th) side.
        1. HURT 2nds (D4) requested promotion to D3 South.See 2025 discussion below.
      4. MD4 – Collin County qualified but is electing to stay down.Opposition?
      5. WD2 – RRock Rage and BARCW meet criteria #3 but lower competition. Lady Quins met #3.
      6. Excel Spreadsheet review in executive session.
        1. Division Rep observations and discussion.


  1. New Team Applications – Deadline is June 1st. Two (2) clubs have been floated. Third application pending.
  1. Gulf Coast RecapLink
    1. Thank You to all who directly and indirectly provided support.In no particular order:Austin Blacks as Host, TRRA, Wendy & Chris, RRRC reps, Rugby Ninja, Jason Rogers, etc. etc.
  2. USA Nationals 
    1. Host- Austin Blacks @ Round Rock Multipurpose Complex (FRI/SAT/SUN)
    2. Texas Representation – Dallas RFC D1 and Austin Blacks D3
  3. Summer Sevens – Arnal Prasad
    1. RRRC to be granted one (1x) automatic bid for women and men to Nationals based on poor overall results from recent years.Our top sides have not finished in the top eight in several years and the second Men’s qualifying team has also done poorly (bottom quartile).
    2. TRU Notice
    3. Host Participation Agreement
  4. RRRC Playoff Pathways
    1. Overview of Matches / Scores for each of the following rounds discussed:
      1. Play In Matches 2024
      2. RRRC Championships 2024
      3. MD1 & WD1 RRRC Finals 2024
      4. Gulf Coast Super Regional 2024
      5. Order of Finish and 2025 proforma matchups
    1. Summary 2023-24
      1. Review of RX tables for all Divisions (Men & Women)
      2. Discussion in executive session.
    2. Next Year
      1. Review of the Current (2024) and Proposed (2025) Division
      2. Discussion in executive session.
    3. 2025 Playoff Preview
      1. Review of 2025 “most likely” calendar with draft of material dates (April & May)
      2. Format change for 2025 – USA Club Council to review D1 pathways. No timeline yet.
      3. RX requirements for 2025 – should be required at all levels.  
  5. Schedule development
    1. Black out date requests via a Google form (responses visible to RRRC reps). Deadline proposed for June 10th.
    2. Concentrate matches where possible to allow for a single team of Refs to cover multiple matches. E.g DARC and Quins v (Blacks/Reds/Huns)
    3. Shoot for a minimum of 5 teams in each division sub conference
    4. First draft Deadline- June 1st
    5. Next year’s 15s National Championship is set for May 16-18, 2025.
  6. Other / New Business:
    1. RX – Thanks to Norton and Hanson, we have been able to make some inroads at the national level regarding improvements to RX. 
      1. Updates for Captain, VC, Front Row subs, etc. 
      2. New USA policy limiting national use of “Name Withheld”.
    2. RX Updates
      1. At knock out rounds, “name withheld” will no longer be permitted. This was taken up with USA Eligibility and was approved for this year’s playoffs and should be incorporated into 2025 regulations.
      2. There is an Administrative report that we have access to that will help “unmask” any “name withholds” during the next competitive season. In RX admin, Go to Administration – Reports – Registration Reports – Contact Report.
      3. Updates coming that will help Teams input: “FR” = Front Rows, Captains, and Vice Captains among other designations.
    3. In RX a Contact Report is available to Club/Team Admin’s to verify public/private.
    4. Hall of Fame
      1. Congrats to Traci Schmidtke Young, Scott Green, Michelle Persica, and Mike “Panama” Mazzerole.
      2. Saturday, August 24th – Hilton Austin Airport, 9515 Hotel Drive, Austin TX 78729
    5. Summit
      1. Saturday, August 24th – Hilton Austin Airport, 9515 Hotel Drive, Austin TX 78729
      2. All normal World Rugby courses including Coach 1 and Coach 2 as well as Referee 1 and 2 courses to be held at Summit. After our successful expansion last year, we are excited to announce that we will once again be presenting an enhanced program. This comprehensive offering will encompass coaching, refereeing, and a variety of additional components, ensuring an even more enriching experience for all participants. Registration and more details to come soon!
  7. Meeting Adjourned 9:38PM