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TRU Board Meeting Notes – 5/20/24

At the request of our members the TRU Board will be releasing their monthly board call minutes and notes. View all of the TRU archived minutes or read on for the most recent notes:

  1. Roll Call
    1. McPhail
    2. Ozzie
    3. Dodge
    4. Hiller
    5. Kurylas
      1. Regrets:
        1. Young
        2. Tomsak
        3. Ohmann-Wilson
  2. AGM on Aug-24, 2024 at Hilton – Austin Airport
    1.  Update – RRRC voted in favor of having an in person meeting at Summit
      1. Plan would be to have Online voting and then finalize in person votes

& clean up any remaining competition matters. Goal 30-45 mins. 9am start?

  1. Straw vote to confirm that the Board will also have an in person meeting at Summit. 10am start?
    1. Result: Yes, preference in the afternoon. DRM to consult with WY on time that blends well Training Sessions / Meetings / Banquet / etc.
    1. Elections – MD2 and MD3 are up this year. We will make every effort to have the election will take place before the beginning of our fiscal cycle (Sep 1) so the seats can be seated as close to September 1.
      1. President – Sep 2026 (3 year term)
      2. Vice President – Sep 2025 (3 year term) Tomsak
      3. DI M Rep – Sep 2025 (3 year term) Dodge
      4. W Rep – Sep 2025 (3 year term) Wilson
  • DII M Rep – Sep 2024 (3 year term) – Hiller – Standing for re-election
  • DIII M Rep – Sep 2024 (3 year term) – Kurylas – Open to new candidates. Remain as D4 rep on RRRC.
  1. Timeline per our last call: TRU elections as well as RRRC as we usually do those at the same time:
    1. Aug 1 – Aug 17: Nominees accepted
    2. Aug 20: Nominations posted to the TRU website for review
    3. Aug 24: Candidate forum at TRU Summit/AGM
    4. Aug 25-30: Online Voting via the TRU Website
    5. No later than Sep 1: Results posted to TRU Website
    6. Timeline is suitable. Need to post who is standing or not by July 15th Board call / publish 16th.
      1. This will allow for all positions to be shared with members (RRRC / TRU).
    7. Proxies – DRM to confirm policy at June Meeting.
  2. Competition Results
    1. MD1 – Austin Blacks won the table but lost in the RRRC/GCSR match to Dallas RFC.
      1. Dallas RFC advanced to USA Club Nationals and lost in the semifinal match to STL Bombers in the final minutes 15-19. The Bombers went on to beat Belmont Shore 26-25. Very respectable results from a very strong Dallas squad.
    2. MD2 – HURT beat San Antonio in the GCSR but lost to NOLA. The GC rep was Miami who beat NOLA at GCSR. Miami went on to win the Championship over Oceanside. Finished 2nd last year. Move to D1?
    3. MD3 – Austin Blacks defended their 2023 Crown by beating Red River Ruffians 48-19 and then defeated Colusa by a score of 86-0. Congratulations!
    4. WD1 – sHARCs lost to Utah at GCSR. Utah defeated Pittsburgh Forge 31-22 in the semi but lost to NOVA 12-44 in the final.
    5. WD2 – Tampa Krewe won GCSR and went on to defeat South Buffalo 67-5 and went on to beat Phoenixville on Sunday.
  3. RRRC / TOLA Sevens – See schedule.
    1. RRRC will have one automatic slot instead of two based on poor recent finishes.
    2. At large invitations will be made and hopefully on a more timely basis this season.
    3. Clubs looking to advance to Nationals need to complete the USA Participation agreement.
      1. Arnal has sent notice to Host & Clubs and the link is on the USA site (below).
    4. USA Club Sevens Website
  4. Discipline Course – 
    1. Judicial Officer Training – Initiative being led by Scot and Zack
      1. Dallas – June 8-9th at Love Field DoubleTree / Need Flyer Wendy / all correct info?
      2. Six people signed up at this time. ZH has 2 more that are likely. Eight or so are interested in the future. With one more the DC will have 8 officers available. Rugby Texas has ~3 more people. 
      3. Looking for 4 more people to join- interested parties can reach out to zhiller@gmail.com for more info:
        1. Application accessed here (D/FW).
        2. Looking for people with a legal background but anyone welcome to reach out for info.
        3. Travel grants available through application (informal).
  5. USA Updates – Dodge
    1. Dodge….floor is yours.
    2. Hosted National Fifteens in Round Rock with Blacks as host. Semi’s were more competitive than finals aside from the MD1 which was a great 80 minutes.
    3. The Community Agreement was automatically renewed for this year. $10 dues increase from last year was offset by $5 being covered by SCC. Members will see the $5 subsidy go away and have an increase of $5 a year.
    4. Referee Assignment for Nationals – Executive Session.
      1. Need to add provisions to existing agreements that provide minimum qualifications.
    5. Follow up item from prior meeting: The SCC / Governance Committee sent a survey on how we operate, governance structure, and how we share data with our members. We answered in a positive manner to most every question. A summary of responses should be forthcoming. 
      1. Results are due to members by: TBC date.
      2. Prior discussion regarding an amendment to the SCC Terms of Reference that would allow persons who are not Union Presidents to be nominated to the 4 SCC officer positions (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer). The VP position was filled but the Secretary position was left open. Michael Norton (Austin Blacks) has been nominated.
      3. Wes Overston – elected as Vice Chair. 
      4. Treasurer position (Dodge) is open in 2025 and candidate names are being sought.
    6. Super Regional discussion – 
      1.  Miami Tridents finished 2nd in the nation in 2023 and won in 2024. This may cause SCC to look at promoting Miami to D1. This may add another layer to our current structure.
      2. Prior “MOU” agreement has expired. Work on a new agreement to start shortly. Anticipate another three year agreement. At this point it looks like TRU may not host until the 3rd and final year at earliest which means increased costs and travel to our members (Carolinas and True South are two leading candidates).
      3. McPhail asked that there be standardized SR agreements with respect to Streaming and Medical among other topics. Net result is likely increased costs at both levels but may be offset by shared group costs based on member dues.
      4. 2024 had all four SR’s on the same weekend. There were varying discussions about breaking these into two separate weekends. Guidance and timeline has been requested for schedule purposes. At the moment our current structure would fall on the same weekend as 2024.
  6. New Business: 
    1. RRRC topics
      1. John – please summarize Promotion & Relegation results. Also discussed last week on the RRRC call and summarized in RRRC minutes.
      2. No teams met the “automatic” criteria.
      3. McPhail has reviewed the results of the competitive structures and shared concerns / thoughts with the RRRC on the last call. Specifically, there is concern about the D3M and D2W results from Quarter Finals and first round of RRRC Championships.
      4. Results from Play In Games discussed. Most matches were not competitive. This round is not does not appear to have 1 thru 8 depth based on scores.
      5. RRRC Finals:
        1. MD3 Semis – Blacks 64 Little Rock 5 (59)
        2. MD3 Semi – Shreveport 19 Harlequins 55 (36)
        3. D3 Final – Blacks 45 Harlequins 17 (28)
        4. WD2 Semi – Little Rock 50 Riveters 0 (50)
        5. WD2 Semi – Lady Quins 96 sHARCs 0 (96)
        6. WD2 Final – Lady Quins 29 Little Rock 0 (29)
        7. MD2 Final – HURT 29 San Antonio 5 (24)
        8. MD1 Final – Dallas RFC 42 Austin Blacks 24 (18)
        9. WD1 Final – Utah Vipers 46 sSHARCs 5 (41)
          1. Proposal would do away with MD3 round of 8. New format would be semi-final matches for the four (4) region winners of the four regions (North, Central, South, and D1C). Seeding would still be based on weighted avg points as all leagues may not have the same numbers.
          2. Additionally there is an option to play any playoff matches (non-finals) at home or higher seed or take bids from each of the three regions (N/C/S) and have a designated host.
          3. New format would result in a Single Championship Venue. Championship matches only. This reduces overall travel based on less teams, reduces TRU costs, opens up the bid process as we don’t necessarily have to have 2+ fields and ability to move weather canceled matches to Sunday with minimal impact to teams. Still need fields that are not “parks and rec” controlled should the conditions (wet) turn against us and we have availability elsewhere.
      6. Looking forward to GCSR 2025 – pole position favorites are Charlotte or New Orleans as of today.
        1. MD1 – might have changes in its competition.
        2. WD1 – an ever evolving story…likely another restructure. No timetable.
        3. MD3 – RRRC (#1) vs cross GU play-in match (4vs5) between Carolina and True South.
        4. MD2 – RRRC (#4) will play the Florida winner (National Champion – Miami Tridents). 
        5. WD2 – RRRC (#4) will play the Florida winner (National Champion – Tampa Krewe).
    2. New Team Applications – 
      1. Two teams have expressed interest in D3. Documentation pending but expression of interest made.
      2. Discussion of potential D1 expansion was discussed on last week’s RRRC call. Pending application submission and review.
      3. Executive discussion.
    3. Member Dues – 
      1. Based on increasing field usage/rental charges, increasing hotel/flight/travel costs, desire to improve on-site medical costs, and potential SCC mandated fees in support of SR’s there is a growing need to discuss a dues increase. 
      2. Financials will be updated and circulated in the next week or so and a proposed budget for 204-25 will be drafted. Please send comments to McPhail / Tomsak at this time. Will be collected and codified into a group Email for ongoing discussion.
      3. Executive discussion.
    4. Discipline Matter requiring TRU and TRRA input.
      1. Executive discussion.
    5. No updates on 501c3 or Bylaws. Wendy said she has a current copy of the last revision that was considered should we decide to move forward.
    6. Group discussion – what should be our focus points for 2024-2025. Please email McPhail.

Motion to close the meeting: 9:49pm by Dodge & Hiller.