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2024 Promotion / Relegation – Final Results (for the 2024-25 Competitive Cycle)

With the 2023-2024 Competitive XVs Season concluded, the RRRC has reviewed and applied the Promotion and Relegation Policy as written and has finalized the divisional alignments for the 2023-24 season, with the following caveats.

Normally, the Committee would hear appeals, but with few automatic promotions and relegations and many divisional alignments still being planned, it wasn’t necessary. Clubs can always reach out to their divisional reps with any questions or concerns.

Potential changes for MD1 and WD1 from the USA Rugby Club Competitions Committee may further impact the results below. If any changes occur, the RRRC will update and notify TRU members promptly.



No clubs met any of the criteria.


No clubs met any of the criteria.


Dallas RFC 3rds met “relegation” criteria but they currently field a lower (4th) side.


Collin County appealed promotion to MD3 / APPROVED.



No clubs met any of the criteria.


*Dallas Harlequins promoted to D1 – The team won the RRRC title in their current division AND had an average point differential of +28 points/game or greater in league games within that division, for the second consecutive season.

*Round Rock relegated to D3 –The team finished last in their current division for the second consecutive year

*Discussions for the 2024-25 women’s league include plans for a hybrid Women’s D1/D2 and the revitalization of the D3 competition. The women’s reps will share the league structure for 2024-25 shortly.

Schedule and League Structure

The RRRC Committee has already commenced the preparation of an initial draft of the schedule. The draft schedule will be shared in the near future, allowing for a review period during which teams can make change requests.

During this review period, clubs will have the opportunity to negotiate changes with their opponents and submit their requests for adjustments. The acceptance of these proposed changes will be subject to approval by the Competitions Committee and will be contingent on the availability of referees.

If there have been any recent changes to your Club Officers, we kindly request that you keep us informed by updating the information using the provided form. Additionally, we strongly advise Club Presidents to keep a close eye on your incoming emails, as we are working diligently to finalize divisional alignments and schedules. We understand the importance of clubs needing to plan for the upcoming season, and your prompt attention to updates and communications is highly appreciated.