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TRU Board Meeting Notes – 6/17/24

  1. Roll Call
    1. McPhail
    2. Ozzie
    3. Dodge
    4. Hiller
    5. Kurylas
    6. Tomsak
    7. Ohmann-Wilson
      1. Regrets:
        1. Young
  1. Tulsa RFC – D3
    1. RRRC D3 reps have had multiple conversations with Mr. Turner regarding pros and cons of their application for membership.  
    2. These conversations and email rec’d / forwarded to the Board have mitigated any concerns.
    3. RRRC reps TH & JW have both recommended to the RRRC and to the Board that the application be approved.
    4. GU Transfers – per updated USA Club Regulations, all membership transfers between GU’s have a four year requirement. I have verbally and electronically (text) communicated this with Tulsa.
    5. Motion to approve subject to all RRRC and TRU new club requirements – ZH / JK.  Approved without objection DD / ZH.  
      1. Must meet new club documentation (members / viability fee).
  2. Dallas Jackals Academy – D1
    1. McPhail had an initial face to face meeting in HOU with a DJA representative.
    2. Subsequent emails and phone calls have been had with DJA representatives and the RRRC D1 Reps MN & JD.  
    3. RRRC D1 members had a call last night (6/17) and are working on a list of concerns and questions to be resolved.  Goal is to have this process completed by Sunday, June 23rd so that this body can vote electronically on their application.
    4. Process / conditions being proposed in line with admission of HTX in prior years.
    5. Plan to have a D1 wrap up by this weekend coming up.  Hope to have a vote by Email this time next week.
  3. OKC Mountain Boomers – WD3 is “reactivating” their membership and will be participating in the new Women’s format that is being proposed.
    1. Proposed Hybrid Alignment – as proposed. 
    2. Note there is a provision for teams to declare D1 or D2 pathway.  Suggest this part of the document be vetted further.
    3. Need to confirm this as “proposal” or “confirmed”.  Need to confirm USA’s input if any?
      1. D1/D2 Premiership
        1. sHARCs (North)
        2. Valks (South)
        3. Little Rock (North)
        4. Harlequins (North)
        5. Riveters (South)
        6. sHARCs 2nd (South)
      2. D3 TRU Cup
        1. RR Rage
        2. Dallas RFC
        3. BARC
        4. OKC Mtn Boomers
  4. TOLA / RRRC
    1. Huns won both events as well as HEB Hurricane Women’s squad.
    2. Requested standings update from Arnal / 7s director to confirm.
    3. Hosts continue to do a great job (Dallas & Huns).
  5. Gulf Coast Planning Conf Call – to be held tomorrow (6/18) night.  Discussion to be focused on
    1. Drafting a new Memorandum Of Understanding for hosting expectations.
    2. Confirm date of event.
    3. Confirm bid process, timing, and voting requirements.
    4. Wendy – Please get with Dodge on Grant funds for GSCR
      1. Wendy: details were sent to Dodge on 6/18, have received no questions back
  6. TRRA
    1. Focus – Dallas area refs needed
    2. Need to consider renewing the prior GU policies that mandated support of the TRRA. All teams to have min # of certified refs and AR’s, etc.  
    3. Lost two very good refs in the region that covered over 50 matches last year.
    4. Is there a defined division of game segments between TRRA and Lonestar Society?
    5. Lonestar is primarily college D2.  Have added some matches with RT in recent years.
    6. TRRA did all HS D1 and a good portion of HS D2 while Lonestar covered the balance of matches / events.  Most of the college matches are in Fall vs HS which is Spring only.
    7. RT has reached out to DRM and asked that we have a joint effort to coordinate the master TRU schedule with the RT schedule.
  7. USA Club Council
    1. Michael Norton was nominated to the SCC Secretary position and vote to be held Wednesday 6/19.
    2. Dodge updates;
      1. Getting ready for Club Sevens.  
      2. Funding for WPL / Referees.
      3. Not going to renegotiate the Community Agreement.  Terms to stay in place except for the $5 subsidy previously paid.  Players to see a $5 increase from last year.
      4. Looking for new SCC Admin (part time)
      5. 2024-25 Eligibility changes being reviewed.
      6. Streaming goal is to renegotiate opt-in ability by SRegional hosts. Must meet TRN requirements.
      7. Likely to cost $30K. No USA imposed requirements.
      8. D1- still being discussed
  8. AGM on Aug-24, 2024 at Hilton – Austin Airport
    1.  Update – RRRC voted in favor of having an in person meeting at Summit
      1. Plan would be to have Online voting and then finalize in person votes

& clean up any remaining competition matters. Goal 30-45 mins. 9am start?

  1. Straw vote to confirm that the Board will also have an in person meeting at Summit. 10am start?
    1. Result: Yes, preference in the afternoon. DRM to consult with WY on time that blends well Training Sessions / Meetings / Banquet / etc.
      1. Wendy: An afternoon meeting will be very difficult, we have already planned for TRU AGM to be at 8-10am. Please discuss further with Traci.
  2. Rugby Texas has asked about reserving a meeting room for Sunday of Summit.  Traci has been put in touch with Del (RT President).  
    1. Summit on August 23-24 at Hilton – Austin Airport
      1. Registration is open and closes Sunday, August 18. Don’t wait as all spots will fill up!
      2. New Clubs – expected attendance of Tulsa RFC, Cypress, Dallas Jackals and OKC Mt Boomers
    2. HOF on August 24 at Hilton – Austin Airport
      1. Tickets are on sale for this amazing event, we sell out every year so don’t wait!
    3. Elections – MD2 and MD3 are up this year. We will make every effort to have the election take place before the beginning of our fiscal cycle (Sep 1) so the seats can be seated as close to September 1.
      1. President – Sep 2026 (3 year term)
      2. Vice President – Sep 2025 (3 year term) Tomsak
      3. DI M Rep – Sep 2025 (3 year term) Dodge
      4. W Rep – Sep 2025 (3 year term) Wilson
  • DII M Rep – Sep 2024 (3 year term) – Hiller – Standing for re-election
  • DIII M Rep – Sep 2024 (3 year term) – Kurylas – Open to new candidates. Remain as D4 rep on RRRC.
  1. Timeline per our last call: TRU elections as well as RRRC as we usually do those at the same time:
    1. Aug 1 – Aug 17: Nominees accepted
    2. Aug 20: Nominations posted to the TRU website for review
    3. Aug 24: Candidate forum at TRU Summit/AGM
    4. Aug 25-30: Online Voting via the TRU Website
    5. No later than Sep 1: Results posted to TRU Website
    6. Timeline is suitable. Need to post who is standing or not by July 15th Board call / publish 16th.
      1. This will allow for all positions to be shared with members (RRRC / TRU).
    7. Proxies – DRM to confirm policy at June Meeting.
  2. New Business – 
    1. None.
    2. Adjournment Dodge / Whitney 9:14pm