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Register At Large

To register At Large (only paying USA Rugby dues, not TRU dues):

  1. Register on Rugby Xplorer (RX) on your desktop or on mobile with on Apple or Google.
  2. Once registered, login to your Member Profile.
  3. Select Register in the upper left hand corner.
  4. Click on Find A Club.
  5. Select the person you are planning to register (you may have children as linked accounts).
  6. Enter the ‘At Large Senior Club’.
  7. Choose the registration option applicable to you.
  8. View the personal information of the person you are registering (you can edit this information later, this step ensures this is the correct person).
  9. Upload a profile photo (or skip depending on whether this is required by your competition).
  10. Update your emergency contact information and answer any other questions.
  11. Review your Registration Summary.
  12. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  13. Enter your Payment information to complete your registration.