Match Protocol – All Matches (friendly and league)

Match Protocol – Texas Rugby Referee Match Confirmation Protocol Preseason, Friendly’s and League Matches: 1. Turn in the schedule for all matches to your divisional secretary and the Local Referee Organization. 2. Check the TRU web site for the master schedule to assure that all your games are entered appropriately 3. Matches should show the …

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Roster Grid for Subs (front row)

Number of Players on the roster and corresponding required number of suitably trained and experienced Front row players: 15 players = 3 front row trained / experienced players 16, 17 or 18 players = 4 front row trained / experienced players 19, 20 or 21 players = 5 front row trained / experienced players 22 …

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Front Row Replacement Law Revised

Reminder to all Clubs: Greetings, The following recommendation from USA Rugby Competitions Committee was approved by the Rugby Committee and the Board of Directors and is in force for all matches that lead in any way to a USA Rugby National Championship. ________________________________________ Attached is the new version of IRB Law 3. We have adopted …

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Ruling 7: 2009

Date: August 25, 2009 Ruling: 7: 2009 Request for a Ruling from the Designated Members from USA Rugby The request for a Ruling arises from the way that players are required to join a ruck which appears to be covered by a number of sections in the Law Book and in particular: Law 16.2 (b) …

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IRB Maul Rulings

Please see the videos below for law rulings on Mauls. http://www.irblaws.com/EN/guidelines/2/irb-maul-working-group-outcomes-august-2009/?play=Maul1a

Match Officials Newsletter

AUGUST 2009 Contact Us 2500 Arapahoe Avenue Suite 200 Boulder, CO 80302 (p) 303.539.0300 (f) 303.539.0311 For more information on USA Rugby, click here Upcoming Events August 16 & 23 – Level 2 Officiating Course – Springield, LA and Mobile, AL. Contact Steve Parrill for more information and to register, stephen.parrill@lbsp.org August 21 – Level …

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Referees – how to setup Google Calendar

For the 2009 Fall season we will be using the Google Calendar integrated into the TRU Website. Availability requests will be mailed out at least one month in advance and will show up in your email or Google Calendar.  Don’t have Google calendar, click below for a quick tutorial of how to get it. How …

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Ruling 6: 2009

Date: August 10, 2009
Ruling: 6 : 2009

Ruling Request from ARU Under 19 Variations – Law 20 1 (f)

Australian Rugby Union (ARU) seeks a ruling in respect of the following matters relating to the Under 19 Variations to Law 20.1(f):