UPDATED: 2019 TRU/RRRC Championships – Schedule & Streaming Information

UPDATED 5/4: Unfortunately Lake Highlands has closed the fields due to an early torrential rain storm. Note the updated kick-off times and FIELD LOCATIONS  are here. Saturday matches at Boswell HS will be streamed on the TRU Youtube Channel and Saturday matches at UD will be taped and uploaded to Youtube later. All Sunday matches …

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Mid-Season CIPP Transfers from MD4/WD3 to Upper Division Clubs

Note that the RRRC Competitions Committee and TRU Board have approved a new rule that applies to the MD4 and WD3 competitions. The rule allows for in-season transfers from MD4/WD3-only clubs to clubs in the USA Rugby National Championship pathways. This is an exception to the USA Rugby Eligibility Rule preventing in-season transfers for “rugby reasons”.  This is permissible as …

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Summary of Significant Changes to the USA Rugby Eligibility Rules for 2018-2019 Competitive Cycle

Dear Red River Rugby Conference Clubs: The following is a summary of the major changes to the USA Rugby Eligibility Rules for the 2018-19 Competitive Cycle.  This summary does not cover all the changes in the Eligibility Rules.  A 2018-19 Regulations Redline v. 2017-18, and a 2018-19 Regulations.Aug.2018 – CLEAN, accompany this summary.  Please review …

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