Mid-Season CIPP Transfers from MD4/WD3 to Upper Division Clubs

Note that the RRRC Competitions Committee and TRU Board have approved a new rule that applies to the MD4 and WD3 competitions. The rule allows for in-season transfers from MD4/WD3-only clubs to clubs in the USA Rugby National Championship pathways. This is an exception to the USA Rugby Eligibility Rule preventing in-season transfers for “rugby reasons”.  This is permissible as …

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Summary of Significant Changes to the USA Rugby Eligibility Rules for 2018-2019 Competitive Cycle

Dear Red River Rugby Conference Clubs: The following is a summary of the major changes to the USA Rugby Eligibility Rules for the 2018-19 Competitive Cycle.  This summary does not cover all the changes in the Eligibility Rules.  A 2018-19 Regulations Redline v. 2017-18, and a 2018-19 Regulations.Aug.2018 – CLEAN, accompany this summary.  Please review …

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