TRRA Match Reimbursement Policy

All Clubs, Administrators and Referees: Please go to the “Referee Corner” and review the TRRA Match Reimbursement Policy as of Jan-2010. There are several worksheets, click on each accordingly. Questions can be directed to TRRA Chairman, Greg Puklicz, at GPUKLICZ@MADYCORP.COM

Updated Match Day Procedures

Match Protocol – All Matches (friendly and league) Posted on 5 Feb, 2010 Match Protocol – Texas Rugby Referee and Team Match Confirmation Protocol Preseason, Friendly’s and League Matches: 1. Turn in the schedule for all matches to your divisional secretary and the Local Referee Organization. 2. Check the TRU web site for the master …

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Updated policy on Field Barriers and Safety Protocols

FIELD BARRIERS REQUIREMENTS EXPANDED: As of January 1, 2010, any and all TRU Rugby Matches, TYRA included, MUST HAVE: • Field barriers, 5 meters or more, from the touch line on BOTH sides of the playing enclosure. • Additionally, both Clubs game day personnel (reserves, coaches and trainers) shall be placed on the opposite side …

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TRU Email Protocol

Board: This is not an email that I want to write but it has become evident that it is needed. There have been a recent rash of emails going out from various parts of the rugby family. We have experienced these emails at varying times in the past and from all of our varying groups. …

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