Club Compliance and Registration Numbers

The TRU begins to check compliance of clubs around September 1 after the Red River Competitions Committee (RRRC) releases the schedule for the year. To be compliant and eligible to participate in matches, clubs must:

  1. Register your Club with USA Rugby
  2. Register a Level 200 Coach
  3. By October 1st – Register full match roster minimums:
    1. 23 players with a minimum of four (4) that can play in the Front Row
    2. 46 players for clubs adding a second side
    3. 69 players for clubs adding a third side
  4. These are the basic requirements and we recommend clubs review the the TRU Club Checklist each season to make sure they are all ready to go!

Club Compliance and Registrations Numbers

This report can be viewed using this link. Note that the Player Eligibility Report has moved.

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