Southwest Men’s Collegiate Contacts

Please see all the contacts for the Southwest Men’s Collegiate Teams below. We’d recommend using CTRL-F to “find” what you’re looking for.

If you need to request an update, please use the Team Contact Update Form.

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Email Address

Phone Number


Univ of Houston (UH)

President Jacob Muggeridge Jmuggeridge@outlook.com 281-881-4641
Board Rep Jacob Muggeridge Jmuggeridge@outlook.com 281-881-4641
MS Joel Camacho 713-391-9386
Coach Dale McAdams mcadamsaviation@yahoo.com 832-670-3799

Texas State (TXST)

President Derek Watson djw90@txstate.edu 9792501776
Board Rep Derek Watson djw90@txstate.edu 9792501776
MS Michael Meyer mnm66@txstate.edu 7139622029
Coach James Summers summersjw@gmail.com 512-652-8322
Coach Scot Courtney sanmarcoslaw@gmail.com 512-392-9292

Rice (Rice)

President Greg Flores gaf2@rice.edu 512-864-5735
Board Rep Greg Flores gaf2@rice.edu 512-864-5735
MS Chris Georgen cjg2@rice.edu 817-7064042
Mario Botha mariobotha@hotmail.com

Texas A&M (TAMU)

Board Rep Craig Coates cjcoates69@gmail.com

Univ of North Texas (UNT)

President Daniel Curl curl.danielk@gmail.com 817-897-0123
Board Rep Daniel Curl curl.danielk@gmail.com 817-897-0123
MS Walter Saravia walter.saravia@yahoo.com 940-597-0935
Coach Andrew Marshall amarshall@officeequitysolutions.com 214-912-5942
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