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Fitness Standards

As we ring in the new year and another rugby season, RATO has determined that to further develop and advance our referee society, fitness standards should be required starting this year. The fitness standards allow for a more realistic pathway and holds the referee accountable for their development and fitness.

Previously, standards were not required and we feel incorporating these required standards will only help the Texas Rugby Referee Association and the TRU become one of the best referee societies in the country. It has also been recommended that the fitness standards be made public to all TRRA Membership and RATO couldn’t agree more. While a referee may have the experience and rank to do a certain match, if their fitness doesn’t reach the new standard, that referee may not receive higher level matches.

Please also note that the TRRA Fitness Standards were based on the recent standards released by the USA Rugby Referee & Laws Committee.

USA Rugby Fitness Standards [Beep Test]:
National Panel: Level 12
B Panel refs wanting to be considered for USA National Appts: Level 11
C1’s wanting to be considered for national appointments/B Panel: Level 10

TRRA Fitness Standards [Beep Test]:
C1s wishing to pursue USA B Panel – Achieve a minimum of Level 10
C1 – Level 9
C2 – Level 8
C3 – Level 7

NOTE: You can use either this audio file (BONUS: has the beep in the middle!) or the “Beep Test Trainer” app and it can be downloaded from iTunes.

Reporting Process and Annual Reporting:
To be considered for a grade promotion, you must achieve the standard within twelve months of the active season.

Tests must be administered, witnessed and reported by one of the below parties:
TRRA Chair
TRRA Vice Chair
RATO Leader
R&L Leader
Local Schedulers
TRU Admin

If you make other arrangements, personal trainer, training center, etc, get approval from TRRA Chair or TRRA Vice Chair prior.

If a referee chooses not to take a fitness test (i.e. comply with a requirement for refereeing) then they may only receive matches well within their scope of experience related to their grade. They would also not be afforded any further opportunities for advancement/promotion and unavailable for exchanges.

Bi-annual testing is due by January 31st (Spring) and September 31 (Fall).
**For 2014 only, Spring testing is due March 15, 2014**

TRRA may include additional testing in the future, but at this time only the beep test is required.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the TRRA Chair or TRRA Vice Chair with any questions.

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