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Referee Forms


The forms under CMS are to be used during the competitive season. Note that your Team Manager, Administrator or Coach should use all FOUR forms for each match. You will use the data from the forms to input your CMS information after the match. Please retain your hard copies until the next season. If you have already played a match, please input all of your data from your completed matches as well.

As noted in the competition management handbook, teams can find the competition management system at the following: http://usarugbystats.com.

Clubs should read the Competitions Handbooks (link above), as this cuts down on 99% of the questions they might have. The instructions are attached, as are game-tracking (4th referee) sheets for match day data collection.

Questions? Email the TRU Admin.

Front Row Waiver – Requirements for TRU Member Clubs

Recent legal cases in Wales and Scotland regarding the fielding of inexperienced front row players have resulted in both Unions and the Referees facing huge legal bills. As a result it is essential that the TRU and TRRA take all possible steps to avoid such litigation.  To achieve that purpose the TRU IMMEDIATELY requires that all clubs highlight their front row players, starters and substitutes, on their latest CIPP club listing and  the attached form has to be signed by the club coach, which, together with the CIPP listing, will be given to the referee prior to the start of all rugby games in Texas.

Failure to submit these documents will result in the game being delayed until such documents are produced. All respective club officials and coaches should be aware that they  will assume liability for fielding any front row player who is not on the submitted list.

Front Row Waiver – Non-League Match

USA Rugby requires that clubs fully enforce and affirm that the eligibility rules have been adhered to.  It is the expectation that clubs know and adhere to the rules, and that failure of the club, and/or GU to adhere to the rules will result in severe penalties to the offenders – penalties so severe as to cause clubs, GUs to take this seriously.

Consequently, effective immediately, at any non-league game [social, friendly and alumni] in Texas,  the TRU requires that all clubs complete the attached form and submit to the referee prior to kick-off. TRRA has been instructed such that if a club fails to complete this form, then the referee will call off the game.

If any club official signs this form and is aware that some of her/his players are in breach of the requirements, then that official and the offending club will assume all liability for that game. TRRA has also been informed that they will assume liability for such a game, if they go ahead and officiate without these forms being completed and submitted to the referee before kick-off.

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