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Grant Form The Texas Rugby Union will provide financial support, in the form of grants, to individual members of the Texas Rugby Union to assist with their participation in the activities of a National and/or TRU representative teams.  The purpose of this document is to define the Texas Rugby Union policies regarding the financial support for players who are selected to participate with specific Representative teams.  Such grants are not intended for players invited to camps, trials, or team assemblies for any Texas Rugby Union squad.


  1. Eligible applicants are those persons who are members in good-standing with the Texas Rugby Union, West RFU and USA Rugby.  The member clubs for whom the individuals play for are also required to be in good-standing with the Texas Rugby Union, West RFU and USA Rugby.
  2. The Texas Rugby Union defines Representative teams to include the following West All-Star Teams: Men Collegiate, Men’s Senior, Women’s Senior, Women U-23 and the USA National Team Assembly’s and/or Tours.
  3. Eligible applicants are those persons who have been invited to participate by the Management of a USA Rugby National or a West  RFU representative teams.

Player Support Grant Amounts

The Texas Rugby Union has set a maximum support level per player for participation in National and/or West RFU representative team activities, as defined above.
  • Up to $100 per player– West Rugby or USA Domestic Camps and Assembly’s or other events at the TRU’s discretion.
  • Up to $300 per player – USA National Team Tours, Domestic and/or International matches or other events at the TRU’s discreation.
The TRU reserves the right to adjust these amounts depending on the number of requests or the amount of support remaining in the budget for that year.  In determining support, the TRU will not preferentially fund players from any given club.  All TRU members invited to participate will receive an equal amount as determined for that event. Generally, monies will be remitted directly to players, however for certain national teams, the money will be forwarded to the National Team Manager.

Grant Application Process

The player as an individual must apply to the TRU for financial support by completing and submitting the TRU Player Grant Form (link above). This form will  be digitally sent to the TRU President, David McPhail at president@texasrugbyunion.com with a copy to David Pfleger at dpfleger@comcast.net.

The grant request must clearly identify the player for which the grant is requested.  The event, with date, title, purpose, and venue must be provided.  The estimated total cost of participation in the event must also be specified with a breakdown of the costs into – at a minimum – the travel and ground components.  It is expected that the management of the squad will verify all other eligibility issues.  Grant applications should be forwarded to the designated TRU official at least four weeks before the event for which funding is requested.  In the event of last-minute selection changes, grant applications with shorter lead times will be considered.

If a player is also applying for a West RFU grant, then she/he may also submit the West RFU form to the TRU instead of completing a new form with the same information. In such cases, the TRU may make a matching grant.

Grant Recognition

The TRU reserves the right to use the information about the approved grant in any manner it deems useful.  This includes listing the grants, the names of those who received the grants, the amounts and purposes of the grants, etc. in any media it chooses.