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Rugby Knowledge Pathways (Saturday)


Join us for a full day of courses on specific tracks designed to empower everyone involved in rugby, from coaches and players to administrators and passionate fans.

Registration is limited to one participant per entry to ensure we have accurate attendance information. If you are signing up for someone other than yourself, please email the participant’s full name and registered course to traci@texasrugbyunion.com.

Aug 24, SATURDAY COURSE – Don’t wait too long, as final registration ends on Sunday, August 18, and course availability is limited.


Discover the latest strategies and techniques to maximize your scrum technique, optimize player recovery, and unlock insights into effective club and team management. Develop coaching principles that deliver results, harness the power of cognitive coaching, gain a competitive edge through attack and defense, dominate in scrums, set up effective attack systems, and leverage social media for engagement.

We highly recommend clubs send multiple attendees, as tracks run simultaneously. Maximize your club’s growth and knowledge by having a diverse group benefit from these invaluable learning opportunities. Don’t miss this chance to deepen your understanding and make a profound impact in the dynamic world of rugby.

Gain access to all Rugby Knowledge Pathway courses for just $100, and receive a complimentary conference shirt and a ticket to the Friday night Welcome Social. Registration is $100, with an optional lunch for $25. If you opt out of the lunch, please plan to pack a lunch as there may not be time to buy one. You can also grab a discounted Hall of Fame ticket for $75 when purchasing and attending the Summit. The HOF banquet is Saturday night. Space is limited—sign up today!

Courses and Instructors

Our specialized courses are designed to empower players, coaches, administrators, and fans on their unique rugby journeys. Learn more about the diverse group of instructors for 2024 here.

Coach Track

How to Build a Championship Team with Tane Jerevich

Join Tane Jerevich to uncover the secrets of building a championship rugby club. Learn from the Austin Rugby Club’s success, boasting top-notch facilities and a rich history since 1967. Discover how the Austin Blacks have dominated Texas and US rugby, achieving multiple National Championship Runner-Up finishes and National Championships across various divisions.

Tane Jerevich, with experience in the Scottish National U19s, Scotland 7s, and a professional career in Italy and Spain, has led the Austin Blacks to remarkable success, including three USA Rugby Club Finals in five years. Get practical tips on creating and sustaining a winning club from his expertise. Don’t miss this chance to learn from one of the best.

Scrum Dynamics: Building a Powerful and Secure Pack with Mary Swanstrom

This course covers scrum engagement, body positioning, binding, and driving techniques. Through practical demonstrations, specialized drills, and analysis, participants will master scrum dynamics and effective scrummaging. Coaches will learn advanced methodologies, effective communication, and strategies for optimizing scrum performance. By the end, you’ll be equipped to execute powerful and cohesive scrums, giving your team a competitive edge.

Mary Swanstrom brings decades of experience as a player and coach, with notable roles across various teams and levels. She holds degrees in Kinesiology and Athletic Training, is a Licensed Athletic Trainer at UC Davis, and serves as the USA Rugby Training and Education Southern Region Administrator. Learn from one of the best in the field.

Strategies for Cognitive Coaching II – Beyond the Basics with Mattison Grey

Join us for the next level of cognitive coaching with Mattison Grey. This session builds on the previous course, with a refresher for new attendees to ensure everyone is up to speed. Enhance your coaching skills with advanced concepts in sports psychology, cognitive science, and neuroscience. Learn practical techniques to improve players’ focus, decision-making, and mental flexibility. Through experiential learning and group discussions, you’ll refine your cognitive coaching skills to build a stronger team.

Mattison Grey, a Leadership and Performance Specialist with over 25 years of experience, has coached at the American Rugby Pro Training Center and competed at high levels in rugby and Touch Rugby. She is dedicated to equipping athletes with the mental skills needed for high performance in sports and life.

Setting up Attack Systems with Lach Ferguson

Join Coach Lach Ferguson for an in-depth session on setting up effective attack systems. Learn how to implement and utilize the 1-3-2-2 and 1-3-3-1 attack patterns. Understand the positioning of forwards in wide channels and working pods in the middle of the field to optimize your team’s offensive strategies.

Coach Ferguson brings 25 years of coaching experience across Ireland, England, New Zealand, and Australia. He has served as the Director of Rugby for the Austin Blacks, Head Coach at The Huns, and coached the Austin Valkyries and St Edward’s University. With qualifications including IRFU Level 4, ARU Level 3, and USA Rugby Level 300, Coach Ferguson is well-equipped to enhance your understanding of attack systems. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a seasoned expert.

7s Coaching

Course details and instructor to be confirmed shortly.

Player Track

Speed and Explosion: Athletic Performance with Bryson Tucker

Join Bryson Tucker to enhance your speed training and running mechanics. Learn proper biomechanics to prevent injuries and boost performance. The course will focus on effective training methods to improve weaknesses and turn strengths into specialties.

Bryson Tucker, Founder of Sacrifice Training, brings elite athletic and training experience. With a Sports Management degree and multiple certifications, he’s dedicated to helping athletes achieve success.

The ABC’s of Accelerating Team Unity with Mattison Grey

Join Mattison Grey for an insightful course on building team connection and cohesion swiftly and effectively. Mattison teaches both corporate and athletic teams strategies to foster unity, enhance communication, and develop a strong team culture that drives success on and off the field.

Drawing from her extensive coaching background at the American Rugby Pro Training Center and her competitive experience in rugby and Touch Rugby, Mattison will equip you with the mental skills and techniques needed to create a high-performing, cohesive team. This course is designed to provide practical tools and actionable insights to help teams gel quickly and achieve their goals.

The Importance of Recovery with Mary Swanstrom

Join Mary Swanstrom for an essential course on the critical role of recovery in athletic performance. Discover how effective recovery techniques can enhance performance, prevent injuries, and promote overall well-being. Mary, with decades of experience as a player and coach, brings her extensive knowledge to this vital aspect of training.

Mary holds degrees in Kinesiology and Athletic Training, is a Licensed Athletic Trainer at UC Davis, and serves as the USA Rugby Training and Education Southern Region Administrator. Learn from one of the best in the field and optimize your recovery process to achieve peak performance.

Fuel for Performance with Mary Graham

Join Mary Graham for a course on nutrition’s role in athletic performance. Learn how proper fueling can enhance performance, prevent injuries, and promote overall well-being. Mary, an experienced coach in Nutrition and Olympic Weightlifting, will share her insights on effective nutrition strategies.

Mary holds a Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certification, is a Working Against Gravity (WAG), Certified Nutrition Coach, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Certification, and the USA Weightlifting Level 1 coaching certification. Mary resides in Arvada, CO, where she enjoys skiing in the winter and hiking Colorado’s peaks in the summer. She is also a competitive Olympic weightlifter with a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and an MBA from Rice University.

Growing Skills through Touch Rugby

Course details and instructor to be confirmed shortly.

Administration Track

Engage and Grow: Social Media for Rugby Clubs with Andrew Heller

Join Andrew Heller for a course on leveraging social media to grow and promote your rugby club. Learn effective strategies for crafting engaging content, building an online community, and using platforms like Canva, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to attract new fans, sponsors, and players.

Andrew Heller, a marketing consultant with LARES, brings valuable experience in marketing strategy, social media, and event marketing. He excels in identifying target audiences, developing comprehensive marketing plans, and creating engaging content. His contributions as Secretary and Communications personnel for the Austin Huns Rugby club further highlight his expertise in promoting rugby clubs effectively.

How to Operate a Successful Club with David Dodge

Join David Dodge for an in-depth course on the essential operations of a rugby club and how they form the foundation for success. Learn about effective management practices, financial oversight, and strategic planning to ensure your club thrives.

David has an extensive background in rugby, having served as President, Treasurer, and Player for the Dallas Rugby Football Club. As a representative on the Texas Rugby Union (TRU) Board since 2017, he has played a key role in maintaining the Union’s strength and continuity. His involvement with USA Rugby includes roles as Treasurer and member of various committees, such as the Audit & Risk Committee, Competition Management Workgroup, Accident Insurance Workgroup, and Eligibility Committee.

Grow into a Multi-side Club with David Dodge

Join David Dodge for an insightful course on expanding your rugby club into a multi-side organization. Discover the key steps to successfully transition your club and gain practical insights and proven techniques from David’s extensive experience to ensure your club’s growth and sustainability. Learn strategies to effectively manage and grow multiple teams within your club, from recruitment and retention to resource allocation and team dynamics.

David, with his extensive background in rugby, has served in various roles including President, Treasurer, and Player for the Dallas Rugby Football Club. As a representative on the Texas Rugby Union (TRU) Board since 2017, and his involvement with USA Rugby in roles such as Treasurer and member of multiple committees, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in club management.

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