Questions from Congress Member – Ron Watson

Ron Watson, Congress member has requested that the TRU Board send this message on his behalf. We appreciate your attention and ask that your members also consider completing this questionnaire.

Dear Club Presidents,

As one of your elected Congressmen I feel it is my duty to reach out to you the members of the TRU and ask for your suggestions, ideas and complaints regarding your opinions on what you are getting from your membership in USA Rugby.

As a congress member I jumped into the fire and am serving on a fact finding committee to compare the cost of membership, insurance programs and value from national organizations in other sports. We have found many similar items and as well many different approaches by other sports membership organizations.

To get your feelings and opinions I ask for your input. I would like you to take take these questions to the members of your club and get a consensus. One of the major topics on the table with Congress today is a possible dues increase.

If you have direct questions I will answer them within 72 hours or at least get back to you with a timeline. With our new CEO I believe there will be big changes. We have our Congress meeting in Austin this next month and I would like your input by February 7th. please or sooner. Congress doesn’t have a lot of positions of power but what we do have is the right to approve or not approve a dues increase and we have the right to remove members of the Board. Its only two sticks but Boy they are big ones that can make a big difference for the members, so please let me hear from you.

Best regards,

Ron Watson


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