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Match Protocol


Match Protocol – All Matches (friendly and league)
Posted on 5 Feb, 2010
Match Protocol – Texas Rugby Referee and Team Match Confirmation Protocol

Preseason, Friendly’s and League Matches:

1. Turn in the schedule for all matches to your divisional secretary and the Local Referee Organization.
2. Check the TRU web site for the master schedule to confirm that all your games are entered appropriately and include directions and map to your pitch as well as the correct kick-off time. Contact your divisional Secretary to make any necessary corrections.
3. The master schedule should show the referee for matches at least 21 days ahead. You may request assistant referees, at the clubs expense, by contacting the referee scheduler(s) in your area.

Match week – Home team responsibility:

1. Monday – E-mail and/or call the referee for your next match using the list on the web site under “Referee Corner”. If there is an out of town or exchange referee assigned, call your Local Referee Scheduler (Contact us) for contact info and confirm with the exchange referee if any travel arrangements need to be made (airport pick-up, etc.). If a referee has not been scheduled, immediately contact the referee scheduler in your area. Provide the referee with the cell number of a club officer who can be contacted in the event of an unforeseen delay, weather issues, etc. Contact your opposition and confirm the match venue and kick-off time.
2. Wednesday – If you have received no response from the referee (Referee Corner / Referee List) by Wednesday evening, call your referee scheduler -contact details on TRU Website under Referee Corner / Contact Us.

Game Day – Home team:

1. Pick up referee if required
2. Have a pre-match conversation with the referee and indicate if changing and restroom facilities are available. Make the referee aware of any special home pitch conditions or venue rules. Provide the same information to the visiting team.
3. Invite the referee to the after-match function.
4. Assist the referee in getting to the airport if required
5. Collect and mail the signed CIPP rosters for both teams to the appropriate Divisional Secretary.

Game Day – Both teams:

1. Have front row waiver form completed and signed and present to the referee along with CIPP roster with all players clearly marked – jersey number and Front-row eligibility.
2. Prior to kick-off, exchange completed and signed CIPP roster with the opposition and sign the opposition’s roster. These are retained by the home team to be mailed to the appropriate Divisional Secretary.
3. Confirm scores and discipline issues with referee before the referee leaves the venue.

Division 1 Post Game Responsibilities – Both teams:

By 3:00pm on the Monday after the match, complete and submit the on-line West TU Div.1 Match Report, located on the following link – http://rugby.truman.edu/men/Club-Match-Report.htm


Print your club’s CIPP roster from the USA Rugby website. Highlight all front row players listed on the match roster, (starters and reserves). Attach a signed TRU front row waiver form to the front. Give all this front row material to the referee.


Print two copies of your club’s CIPP roster from the USA Rugby website. For each team [First and Second XV] highlight the USA citizens and resident aliens in orange and highlight all non-USA citizen players in green
Number all the players (starters 1-15, reserves 16-23). Write FR next to the names of all those that are able to play in the front row. A coach or club representative from both teams must sign both rosters
Signed rosters are given to the home team official. The home team is responsible for sending them to the relevant TRU Divisional Secretary.


The front row form is specifically for the referee and must be given to the referee. If the referee states that he does not want them, you should keep them in the event of a front row injury.


All Texas club should ensure that their club and players are CIPP registered with USA Rugby using the USA Rugby on-line system. Thus implementing the long standing policy of all the sport’s sanctioning bodies that all players and referees must be CIPP registered before participating in ANY rugby match. Please note the West RFU will also be operating under the same policy.

No club will be allowed to play any players who are not listed on their specific clubs USA CIPP roster. There will be no acceptance of pending and clubs cannot use the excuse of I mailed it a couple of weeks ago.