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Referee Fitness Testing


UPDATE 2/7/14: RATO has released the official TRRA Fitness Standards. Please review those here.

This fall (2013) TRRA will begin the implementation of fitness testing of all referees. Fitness was a major discussion point at the Summer AGM and on the online survey. It was agreed by all that there should be a fitness standard as part of the TRRA Pathways Document.

So, in order to set a standard, this fall everyone is required to take a baseline beep test. RATO will then review the scores and create a standard for TRRA. RATO chose the beep test as it is already used at the national referee level. TRRA may include additional testing in the future, but at this time only the beep test is required.

NOTE: The recommend version of the beep test is the “Beep Test Trainer” and it can be downloaded from iTunes here.

What each referee needs to do:

  1. Find someone who can run the test with you or administer the test.
  2. Complete at least one beep test (you may run it more than once)
  3. Submit your score and who was present at your test via email to rato@texasrugbyunion.com
  4. First baseline test must be received by October 20th.

RATO has already received several scores. The Central has reported 13 beep tests (GOLD STAR!!!) and the South has report 1 (Good job!).

*NOTE: a referee must reach a 10 on the beep test to make B panel.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local scheduler. Each scheduler has been coordinating regional tests. You can also contact Jim or Traci with any questions.

Happy running!

Traci Schmidtke Young
RATO Leader

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