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TRU/RRRC, Who Does What?

There seems to be quite the confusion on what the Texas Rugby Union and the Red River Rugby Conference each oversee. The Texas Rugby Union (TRU) is a geographical union based upon a combination of club density in an area and natural geographical boundaries. The Red River Rugby Conference (RRRC) organizes, administers, controls and regulates the game of Rugby Union Football for the clubs that are its members within the geographic area its members agree. 

While the explanation above does help, we thought it might be a bit easier for our members if we simplified it a bit in a chart:



CMS Support

  • Provides club logins each year, help with password recovery and general troubleshooting.
CMS Management

  • Confirm match results and overall competition standings.
Club & Player Eligibility

  • Club and player registration with USA Rugby (annual). Also manages player transfers.
Club & Player Eligibility

  • Monitor game-day rosters,  International players & match requirements for playoffs. Also manage Clubs fielding multiple sides.
Game-day responsibilities

  • Referee confirmation, pitch requirements and post match obligations.
Game-day responsibilities

  • Match re-schedules & forfeits.
Match Calendar

  • Host viewable calendar of all matches & tournaments.
Match Calendar

  • Create & manage divisional league schedules.
Promotion & Relegation (Men’s Club only)

  • Provide updates through website.
Promotion & Relegation

  • Recommend promotion & relegations annually.
Playoffs & Championships

  • Select hosts through bidding process and recommends to RRRC.
  • Provides administrative help at event.
Playoffs & Championships

  • Confirms selected host of TRU.
  • Commissioner (manage structure & format)
Disciplinary Committee

  • Rules on disciplinary reports & handles appeals process.
Operating Procedures
Union Budget
Match Reports
Congress Rep Elections
All Stars
Certification Courses
Partnership with Texas Rugby Referee Association (TRRA)



As always, if you have any questions contact the TRU Admin or your divisional rep!