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TRU Board Meeting Notes – 4/15/24

At the request of our members the TRU Board will be releasing their monthly board call minutes and notes. View all of the TRU archived minutes or read on for the most recent notes:

    1. Roll Call
      1. McPhail
      2. Ozzie
      3. Kurylas
      4. Tomsak
      5. Dodge
      6. Hiller
      7. Hanson
        1. Regrets:
          1. Young
          2. Ohmann-Wilson
    2. AGM in 2024
      1. No vote is needed, just wanted to plant a discussion seed before the calendar gets ahead of us.
      2. Next Board call occurs on the Monday after USA Club Fifteens Nationals. 
        1. RRRC Committee will have worked or supported last weekend’s play-in matches plus three upcoming tournaments (RRRC, GCSR, and Nationals).
        2. We jump into 7s and the first Qualifier is Bloodfes ont 6/15.
      3. TRU Summit & HOF will be in Austin this year and is set for Saturday, August 24th and Sunday, August 25th.
        1. TRRA will have their annual election on Saturday afternoon. Hybrid option with both online and in-person. 
      4. Question is do we want to have a) In Person or Virtual meeting and depending on first consensus we need to determine b) have at the Summit / HOF or pick a new date.
        1. Club Sevens Nationals – August 10/11th.
        2. Labor Day weekend is August 31st / September 1st
    3. Elections – MD2 and MD3 are up this year. The election will take place before the beginning of our fiscal cycle (Sep 1) so the seats can be seated as close to September 1.
      1. President – Sep 2026 (3 year term)
      2. Vice President – Sep 2025 (3 year term) Tomsak
      3. DI M Rep – Sep 2025 (3 year term) Dodge
      4. W Rep – Sep 2025 (3 year term) Wilson
      5. DII M Rep – Sep 2024 (3 year term)
      6. DIII M Rep – Sep 2024 (3 year term)
        1. Young (after call): Would recommend the below timeline for TRU elections as well as RRRC as we usually do those at the same time. I added RRRC elections to that agenda so it can be discussed.
          1. Aug 1 – Aug 9: Nominees accepted
          2. Aug 12: Nominations posted to the TRU website for review
          3. Aug 15-21: Online Voting via the TRU Website
          4. No later than Aug 30: Results posted to TRU Website
    4. Upcoming Events:
      1. Houston – RRRC April 20 & 21: WD2, MD3, MD2 and D4 North vs South
      2. Austin – GCSR May 4 & 5: MD1, WD1, MD2, WD2, and MD3
      3. Austin – USA Club Fifteens Finals May 17th through May 19th (Fri, Sat, Sun)
        1. Young (added after call): I shared our normal Operations sheet with Andrew King and the Blacks, unsure if they will use it or if there is another one we should be tracking.
    5. RRRC / TOLA Sevens – See previously published schedule
      1. Crossover with Midwest unlikely- will update as soon as confirmed
      2. At large invitations will hopefully happen sooner this year
      3. Website updates – need a shortcut to 7s with 2024 schedule – Arnal was asked to send to Wendy and should be posted shortly.
    6. Discipline Course – 
      1. Judicial Officer Training – Initiative being led by Scot and Zack
        1. Dallas – June 8-9th at Love Field DoubleTree / Need Flyer Wendy / all correct info?
        2. Looking for 4 more people to join- interested parties can reach out to zhiller@gmail.com for more info
          1. Application accessed here (D/FW)
          2. Looking for people with a legal background but anyone welcome to reach out for info
          3. Travel grants available through application (informal)
    7. USA Updates – Dodge
      1. Update GCSR grant – half going to the event and half to TRRA in support of new mic sets
      2. Dodge forwarded two emails to McPhail
        1. SCC memorandum on the standardization of the process for Clubs to move / change GU’s.
          1. GU Transfer Policy
            1. Recommended Policy on Transfering Union – Transfer Policy Requirements
            2. The team seeking transfer must be in a Good Standing status within the current Union.
            3. A compelling case must be presented for the transfer, including but not limited to:
              1. Geographic isolation or travel distance hardship.
              2. Lack of competition at the same divisional level. 
              3. Irreparable harm caused by discrimination.
            4. The transfer can only proceed if both Unions involved mutually agree to the team’s transfer. If both Unions don’t agree, the Disagreement Resolution Process will be applied. 
            5. Clubs are ineligible to transfer for four years following transfer. 
            6. GU oversees the tracking of club transfer time period status of four years.
            7. Disagreement Resolution Process:
              1. In the event of disagreement between the parties, the matter will be referred to the Senior Club Council for resolution.
            8. The Chair will propose, with ratification by the ExCo, an ad hoc committee to review the transfer request and provide a resolution.
            9. The team’s transfer request must be submitted no later than June 1 or 90 days before the start of the earliest competition start date for either union.
            10. All parties involved must provide their acceptance or rejection of the transfer request by July 1 or 60 days before the start of the earliest competition start date for either union.
            11. In the event of a disagreement, the ad hoc committee must provide a resolution by August 1 or 30 days before the earliest competition start date for either union.
      3. The SCC / Governance Committee sent a survey on how we operate, governance structure, and how we share data with our members. We answered in a positive manner to most every question. A summary of responses should be forthcoming.
      4. Fifteen’s restructure coming? D1 only is the discussion at this time. 
        1. Need to discuss further with SCC at Nationals.
      5. SCC Voted Monday (4/1) to:
        1. Propose an amendment to the SCC Terms of Reference that would allow persons who are not Union Presidents to be nominated to the 4 SCC officer positions (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer). As it stands now, the first round of nominations is open only to Union Presidents, then if no Union Presidents were nominated, nominations for those positions were open to others. The proposed change would be to make the nominations for these positions open to those who are not Union Presidents from the get go.
        2. Send a notice of default and right to cure to USA Rugby under the SCC/USAR for some late financial and other reporting that was due to the SCC on March 1, 2024. New USAR CEO, Bill Goren, was very responsive to the concerns raised in SCC’s letter, and the USAR staff is working on completing the required reporting. The SCC will likely not renegotiate the Community Agreement for 2024-25.
      6. SCC Social Media / Marketing person – Jeremy Swick of Swick Media, LLC.  Will be coordinating Club Rugby social media at the national level.
    8. Old Business
      1. Email regarding Pitch Concerns – Ozzie
        1. McPhail reached out to Woodlands Youth and confirmed that the field situation discussed was below everyone’s expectations. Good news is that is only a temporary location while improvements were being made to the “home” pitch. Precautions will be reviewed and improved until the revamped Park is completed.
      2. No updates on 501c3 or Bylaws.
    9. New Business
      1. Referee cost updates (TRRA)- TRU billed ~$40,000 (through end of March 2024) so far for 2023-24
        1. Upcoming 7s- expenses for qualifier brackets but not open/social – TRU subsidiary is about $1,000 per qualifier, depending on number of teams in the qualifying bracket
      2. Current registrations- 2,042 (2022-2023= 2,303)
      3. TRU policy on In State Travel Grants (GCSR / Nationals). Discussed but no motions made formally. Based on material increase in hosting costs we will likely be over budget on each event. Thus, there is no anticipated excess to extend to Clubs. Hosting costs are a benefit to the teams in terms of travel logistics, time and costs. In order to increase future grants there would need to be more top line revenue and less TRU funded event hosting.
      4. USA Social Media person to contact Wendy for GCSR event. Dodge to connect.
      5. Club 15’s and 7’s will be streamed on The Rugby Network. There are revenue share opportunities for advertising during the matches, if Clubs or Unions bring sponsors to the table. A sponsorship deck will be forthcoming.  Please contact Dave Dodge – Treasurer@USAClub.Rugby – for more information. 
    10.  Adjournment
      1. John & Zach @ 9:06pm