TRU Board Members Expectations & Responsibilities

What is the role of the TRU Board of Directors?

The TRU Board is responsible for the affairs of the TRU and the long-term vision, direction and strategy of the Texas Rugby Union. The Board sets the budget and the members’ dues. The Board shall have the power to add non-voting members, and to appoint committees. The Board shall ensure that By-Laws are followed.  

The divisional reps, DI Director, DII Director, DIII Director, Women’s Director and Independent Rugby Director are expected to represent their constituents.

Divisional reps may be asked to serve on various ad-hoc committee or tasks.

How many board members are there, and how long do they serve?

The Board of Directors shall be comprised of the President, Vice President, DI Director, DII Director, DIII Director, Women’s Director, Texas Rugby Referee Association (TRRA) Chairman and Independent Rugby Director. All terms shall commence on September 1st of the year following election. Clubs that compete in multiple divisions, shall only be able to vote for their highest Divisional Director.

How are board members elected? Who can nominate names for consideration?

Board members are elected on a rolling three year basis by current members of the Union. Only active and in “good standing” members may submit nominations. 

What are the qualifications to be on the board?

Preference is that nominees have at least served on another rugby board or perhaps as an administrator with their rugby club. Each board member must make themselves available for monthly board calls (third Monday of the month) as well as generally available to respond to email correspondence and attendance on our bi-annual virtual Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

Are board members paid?

Board members are all volunteers. As with most boards, the Union covers travel costs to TRU events for board members through reimbursement. Most board members choose to pay for their own travel expenses, either refusing that reimbursement or donating that money back to the organization.

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