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TRU Board Members Expectations & Responsibilities

Role of the TRU Board of Directors: The TRU Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing the affairs of the Texas Rugby Football Union (TRU) and guiding the organization’s long-term vision, direction, and strategy. They are tasked with setting the budget and determining the members’ dues. Additionally, the Board has the authority to add non-voting members and appoint committees. Ensuring compliance with the By-Laws is also a crucial part of the Board’s responsibilities.

Number of Board Members and Term Length: The TRU Board of Directors consists of eight members: President, Vice President, DI Director, DII Director, DIII Director, Women’s Director, Texas Rugby Referee Association (TRRA) Chairman, and Independent Rugby Director. Each member’s term begins on September 1st following their election. The terms are on a rolling three-year basis.

Election Process and Nominations: Board members are elected by the current members of the Union. Active and “in good standing” members have the right to nominate candidates for consideration in the election.

Qualifications for Board Membership: Preference is given to nominees who have previous experience serving on another rugby board or have held administrative roles within a rugby club. Board members are expected to make themselves available for monthly board calls, respond to email correspondence promptly, and attend bi-annual virtual Annual General Meetings (AGMs).

Compensation for Board Members: All board members serve as volunteers, and they do not receive any monetary compensation for their roles. While the Union covers travel costs to TRU events for board members through reimbursement, most board members choose to cover their own travel expenses, either refusing the reimbursement or donating the funds back to the organization.

Job Descriptions:

  1. President: The President is elected at large by all TRU Full Members and serves a three-year term. They are responsible for leading the TRU Board and overseeing the overall operations of the organization. The President presides over board meetings and represents the TRU in external affairs. They work closely with other board members and stakeholders to advance the goals and objectives of the TRU.

  2. Vice President: The Vice President is elected at large by all TRU Full Members and serves a three-year term. They support the President in their duties and act as a deputy in the President’s absence. The Vice President collaborates with other board members to implement the TRU’s strategic plans and initiatives.

  3. DI Director: The DI Director is elected by Men’s Clubs that participate in Men’s Division One competition. They serve a three-year term and are responsible for representing the interests of Division I clubs. The DI Director works with the TRU Board to develop and coordinate competitive structures, scheduling, and compliance with USA Rugby and TRU regulations.

  4. DII Director: The DII Director is elected by Men’s Clubs that participate in Men’s Division Two competition. They serve a three-year term and advocate for the concerns and needs of Division II clubs. The DII Director assists in establishing and supervising competitive structures, match reporting, and compliance matters.

  5. DIII Director: The DIII Director is elected by Men’s Clubs that participate in the Men’s Division Three competition or social divisions. They serve a three-year term and represent the interests of Division III clubs. The DIII Director plays a key role in scheduling, record-keeping, and ensuring adherence to eligibility requirements.

  6. Women’s Director: The Women’s Director is elected by Women’s Clubs that participate in women’s competition and serves a three-year term. They are responsible for advocating for women’s rugby clubs and assisting in the development of programs and clinics to enhance coaching skills within the TRU.

  7. Independent Rugby Director: The Independent Rugby Director is elected by Independent Conferences/Organizations that have a valid Operational Agreement with the TRU. They serve a two-year term and negotiate and present Operating Agreements to the TRU Board for approval. The Independent Rugby Director ensures compliance with all terms of the agreements and liaises with Independent Conferences/Organizations.

  8. Texas Rugby Referee Association (TRRA) Chairman: The TRRA Chairman is responsible for all referee policy matters of the TRU, as approved by the TRU Board. They work closely with the TRRA to implement policies, monitor laws-related issues, and ensure adherence to USA Rugby and TRU Disciplinary Rules & Procedures.

  9. Director of Discipline: The Director of Discipline is responsible for addressing all disciplinary issues in a timely manner and in accordance with the Disciplinary Rules & Procedures. They work with member clubs and players to inform them of disciplinary actions and integrate new USA Rugby disciplinary rules into TRU measures.

  10. Director of Rugby Development: The Director of Rugby Development seeks commercial sponsorships for the TRU and Texas clubs, develops coaching programs, and liaises with USA Rugby to ensure coaching directives are communicated to club coaches. They focus on promoting and maintaining qualified coaches at all levels.

  11. Treasurer: The Treasurer maintains the TRU’s financial records, consults with the Board on financial matters, and ensures the proper collection of dues and payments. The Treasurer presents annual financial reports to coincide with the annual meeting and monitors the organization’s financial health.

  12. Select Side Manager: The Select Side Manager ensures that Texas select sides have sufficient competitions to provide opportunities and exposure for players. They coordinate with Select Side coaches, maximize support from the TRU and clubs, and foster relationships between select sides for cost efficiency.

  13. Community Rugby Manager: The Community Rugby Manager promotes social rugby development in Texas and establishes a competitive structure for social clubs. They work to provide meaningful opportunities for social clubs within the TRU.

Please note that the provided job descriptions are based on the roles outlined in the By-Laws and may be subject to updates or changes by the TRU.