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RRRC Competitions

Geographic Union (GU) Overview

Effective with the opening of the 2011-2012 Competitive Season, the USA Rugby Board named four Geographical Unions (GUs) as part of a pilot program to review a new streamlined union structure to support anticipated growth in the game and to provide increased member services in the local areas.

Geographical Unions (larger than typical Local Area Unions and smaller than current Territorial Unions) are defined based upon a combination of club density in an area and natural geographical boundaries. A GU may be a single state, multiple states, or parts of a large state.

The templates for GU organizational structure, financial models and bylaws were developed over a two-year period by a committee commissioned by CEO Nigel Melville to research the best models from existing LAUs and TUs, other rugby-playing nations, and other national governing bodies (NGBs).

At the January 2013 USA Rugby Congress meeting it was approved that the GU structure would no longer be considered a pilot program and would be fully adopted as the local governance model for Club Rugby moving forward.

Existing GUs

Competitive Region (CR) Overview

USA Rugby has split the Senior Club teams into two Competitive Region Conferences (American and National). Essentially, the USA is split in half and teams were placed in Conferences by the USA Rugby Competitions Committee. Texas is part of the American Conference and competes in the subregion of American Conference Region 4 (ACR4). Upon formation of ACR4 a the USA Rugby Competitions Committee appointed a Chair who appointed committee members. These committee members decided to name ACR4 the Red River Rugby Conference (RRRC).

With the new RRRC committee there has been some confusion about what the RRRC and the GU reside over. Review this clarifying document from the USA Rugby Competitions Committee on what the Competitive Region (RRRC) handles and what the GU handles.

Existing CRs

NOTE: Upon the formation of ACR4, Texas is no longer involved with the West LAU.

RRRC Competition Committee


Quick Summary


  • Is a subcommittee of the USA Rugby Competitions Committee.
  • Responsible for Senior Club Competitions including division placement, assignment of regions and structure of league play.
  • Determine the number of teams that will compete at each Division within the CR.
  • Determine the promotion/relegation system (if applicable) that will be utilized at each division.
  • Determine the schedule of competition within the CR.
  • Determine the pathway that will be utilized at each Division for crowning the competing team/teams that will advance to the USA Rugby National playoffs and certify that minimum requirements have been met by the advancing teams from their CR.


  • Finances
    • Dues
  • Referees (through TRRA currently)
  • Club Management
    • Admittance of New Clubs
  • Fixtures (Matrix Calendar)
    • Competitive Management System (CMS)
    • Rosters
    • Standings
    • Match Reports
  • Operations & Procedures
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Playoffs and Championships
  • Team Contacts
  • Rugby Development
    • USA Rugby Coaching Courses
    • USA Rugby Referee Courses (TRRA)
    • Player Development
      • All Stars
      • Clinics