Below is a quick resource guide that clubs can use to make sure they stay in good standing and compliant with USA Rugby, the RRRC and the TRU. Note that this list doesn’t supersede the TRU Operating Procedures, Bylaws or Disciplinary Procedures.

We also have this available in a checklist format, refer to the TRU Club Checklist.

  • COVID – COVID protocols
  • Apply to the TRU – New clubs reviewed each summer for the next competitive season
  • USA Rugby Club Registration – Complete annually after September 1 in order to be eligible for matches and referee assignments
  • Player Registration (CIPP) – Encourage club members to register as a player after USA Rugby Club Registration has been completed
  • Certified Coach on club roster –  Must be at least USA Rugby L200 Certified
  • Recommend an Executive Administrator on roster
  • Recommend a Level 1 Match Official on roster
    • Note that for 2019, this is a requirement for all North clubs. They must also be dual CIPP’d with TRRA
  • View Team Contacts on WTR – Recommend all club officers are included, but at a minimum must have a primary contact. Make sure this is up to date as this is how other teams and referees can contact you
  • Match change requests – Use this form to request match changes
    • Changes/Adds under 14 days will have a $50 fee assessed
  • Event Hosting Form – Want to host an event for the TRU or RRRC? 
  • Confirm referee team – Confirm details with all assigned referees by Wednesday of match week
  • CMS Administrator – Establish a CMS administrator for each competitive season. Match data is required by Mondays at 5pm of match week or unlock fee applies
  • Front Row Waiver form – Required for all league matches
  • Eligibility Book – Required for all clubs and we recommend refreshing twice a year at a minimum
  • Pitch Technical Zones – Required for all matches and all fields
  • Touch Judge Requirement – Each club must have at least two active

Other Resources


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