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Red River Rugby ConferenceTexas Rugby UnionTo apply as a new club to the Texas Rugby Union and the Red River Rugby Conference, please complete each of these requirements:

  1. Register as a new Club with USA Rugby.
  2. Complete a TRU Club Application.
  3. Complete the TRU Participation Agreement.
  4. CIPP Register at least 15 players for 15s (by August 31) and 9 players for 7s (by July 1).
  5. Register at least one coach, Level 200 Certified with USA Rugby.
  6. Sign up to receive TRU News by email on Feedburner.
  7. Sign up for a Who’s the Ref Account for access to the TRU Calendar (instructions here).
  8. Provide the following documents digitally to admin@texasrugbyunion.com:
    1. Club Constitution/Bylaws
    2. List of Team Officers/Team Structure
    3. List of Active CIPP’d Members
    4. Proof of Club Registration with USA Rugby (COMPLETE)
    5. Proof of USA Rugby Certified Coach Registered with team (COMPLETE)
    6. Description of Uniform/Kit (colors and design)
    7. Team Website Address; Recommend it includes this minimum information:
      1. Team Contacts
      2. About Us
      3. Pitch Directions

Once this is all received the Admin will submit your club’s application to the TRU and the RRRC. Clubs will not be considered until all information is received.

Upon conclusion of review you will be notified of approval, etc within due time. If your application is approved your team will exist on a one year probation period. If there are any issues during your probation period it will be reviewed at the conclusion of the probation.

Questions? Concerns? Email admin@texasrugbyunion.com.

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