RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 12/11/2017

The Red River Competitions Committee will now be releasing their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent: Roll Call Young Dodge Kolberg Keuppens Tolar Kurylas Gross Hughes Fosco Watson Turner Regrets Green Followups Lone Star (Informational Item) Dodge: Lone Star has merged with Woodlands, Travis do you … Read more

2018 TRU and RRRC Championships – Call for Host Bids

2018 RRRC Championships The Red River Rugby Conference (RRRC) Championships will take place on May 5-6, 2018. This year’s event will include the top Men’s D1, D2 & D3 and Women’s D1 & D2 clubs. 2018 TRU Championships The TRU Championships will take place on May 12, 2018. As this is a newly created competition … Read more

New Chair – 2017 RRRC Competitions Committee

The RRRC Competitions Committee reviewed four nominations for the position of Chair. We’d like to thank Kirk Tate, Doug Corrigan and Bill Taute for stepping up as nominees for this important position. Congratulations to David Dodge as he will serve as the RRRC Competitions Chair for this term. We’d also like to thank Alan Sharpley … Read more

Men’s D1 Results – 2017 RRRC Competitions Committee

Previously the RRRC Competitions Committee had opted to re-open the nominations for the Men’s D1 representative seat. There was an initial list of nominees and that list remained after a new nomination window. The voting period commenced and unfortunately there were only two votes from the Men’s D1 clubs. A third vote was received after … Read more

Men’s D1 Nominees & Voting – 2017 RRRC Competitions Committee

Please review the below nominees for the second Men’s D1 seat on the Red River Competitions Committee. Men’s D1 John Dale, Dallas Harlequins Bill Taute, Austin Blacks Jason Pollack, Little Rock Voting Rules Quorum is 2/3 of eligible voters. Candidate must receive more than 50% of the votes to be declared the winner. In case … Read more

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Nominations Sought Men’s D1 – RRRC Competitions Committee

The Red River Rugby Competitions Committee has chosen to re-open the nomination period for the Men’s D1 representative. As there has been some discussion in the published meeting minutes, some clubs have already put names forth: John Dale, Dallas Harlequins Bill Taute, Austin Blacks Michael Norton, Austin Blacks Jason Pollack, Little Rock Please contact the … Read more