Board Notes – 7/18/16

At the request of our members the TRU Board will be releasing their monthly board call minutes and notes. View all of the archived minutes or read on for the most recent notes:

  • Roll Call (8:05pm)
    • Young
    • Parker
    • Butch
    • Corrigan
    • Turner
    • James
  • Approve minutes from last call
    • Turner: Motion to accept minutes
    • Corrigan: Second
    • Young: Any opposition or discussion? None
  • Follow Ups from last call
    • Board Seat Expirations
      • DI M Rep – Sep 2016 (3 year term) – Corrigan
      • W Rep – Sep 2016 (3 year term) – James
      • Congress – Sep 2016 (2 year term) – Young
        • Young: Ready to post? RRRC won’t be posting their nominations until after their next call (pending date). No concerns, will post.
    • TJ Shirts
      • Young: I am posting a reminder about the Team TJ requirement but aren’t sure about the cost of ordering shirts?
      • Corrigan: What if the reps ask their teams for a count?
      • Young: I can get a count but am concerned about ordering a HUGE order again, teams should still have these shirts.
      • Corrigan: What is everyones thoughts about success? Were teams wearing it?
      • Young: In Austin we had about 60-70% bc the teams keep it in their jersey bags.
      • Turner: I didn’t see it as much in the North, less than 50% success.
      • Corrigan: I think we have to work on the honor system and ask teams to order only if they need to.
      • Parker: What if we just ask the new teams and then the post that new shirts could be ordered at $10 (same price as last year).
      • Young: We probably need to have a larger discussion about compliance, do we want to fine, warn teams, etc…. I will email the new teams and put up a post with that price.
  • Summit
    • Hotel
      • Young: Hotel will more than likely be the same as last year, just finalizing some details. Banquet would be at the same place.
    • Banquet
      • Young: Initial cost estimates are $34 per person for dinner and happy hour is $16 per person.
        • Young: What do we think about charging $30 per head? This is also a RSVP so we know how many people are coming. Also HOF Inductees (10 min and up to 20 (if they add extra inductees the first year)) are comp’d? TRU Board members are comp’d?
        • Corrigan: I would agree that TRU Board members should be included in that. It’s a really nice gesture.
        • Young: A rough estimate would be potentially $1900 for HOF and TRU Board members.
        • Turner: Let’s open this up to the entire board and get all the opinions. That’s a pretty large number to commit.
        • Corrigan: I second that, the full Board should discuss a sum such as that.
        • James: I agree.
        • Young: Great, I’ll start an email chain with the entire board.
  • New Clubs
    • Young: HEB (M) just emailed in about playing 15s.
  • New Business
    • Alliance
      • Parker: Aug 13, touch tournament to benefit the Dallas Police Department. Can we get that posted to the TRU website? They also need to post about needing a coach.
      • Young: Yep, send to me! I’ll get both of them up.
  • Meeting adjourned at 8:36pm
    • Turner: Motion to adjourn.
    • Parker: Second.
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