The 2019 TRU Women’s Rugby All Star Challenge is Dec 5-8 and will be held in Austin, TX at the Austin Huns rugby complex. We’re ecstatic to announce that seven Senior teams and one U24 team will be in attendance this year. Participation has doubled from last year and this will be our biggest event yet!

For the first time ever, a TRU Women’s Collegiate U24 team will also participate in the event. There have been collegiate All Star teams in the past but never allowing up to 24 years of age.

The TRU All Star teams will be joined by Mid-America, USA South, Capital Selects, Pacific Northwest, Midwest All-Stars and a TRU Power Team.

Live streams of the weekend matches will be available on the TRU Youtube channel and Facebook page, with competition kicking off at 10am CST on Saturday, December 7 at the Austin Huns Nixon Lane. Admission is free for those traveling and in attendance.

Event Details

What: 2019 TRU All Star Challenge
Where: Austin Huns
When: December 5-8, 2019
Watch: All matches will be broadcast on the TRU Youtube channel and Facebook page

Schedule of Events


Thursday, Dec 5 from 7-9 pm @ Nosh and Bevvy

Coaches Clinic/Q&A with Rob Cain

Rob Cain, USA Rugby Women’s National Team Coach will be hosting a coaching clinic and Q&A from 7-9pm in Austin, TX. OPEN to all TRU CIPP’d members and coaches.

FREE for TRU members and All Star Challenge participants, otherwise it is a $20 fee.

Friday, Dec 6 from 7-9pm @ Austin Huns

Player Clinic with Rob Cain

Rob Cain, USA Rugby Women’s National Team Coach will be hosting a coaching clinic and Q&A from 7-9pm in Austin, TX. OPEN to all TRU CIPP’d players and coaches.

FREE for TRU members and All Star Challenge participants, otherwise it is a $20 fee.

All Star Challenge




Team 1


Team 2



110:00 AMPacific NW127TRU U240Tier 2
212:00 PMUSA Rugby South80TRU Motley Crew0Tier 2
32:00 PMTRU Senior75Midwest5Tier 1
43:45 PMOld Glory Capital Selects30Mid-America19Tier 1
MatchTimeTeam 1ScoreTeam 2Score 
59:00 AMTRU U2419TRU Motley Crew55
Tier 2 Consolation
610:45 AMMidwest10MARFU5
Tier 1 Relegation
712:30 PMPacific NW41USA Rugby South5
Tier 2 Championship
82:15 PMTRU43
Old Glory Capital Selects
Tier 1 Championship


TRU Senior All Stars

Alexis Frueh, Austin Valkyries
Amethyst Gamez, Austin Valkyries
Anna Torres, Bay Area Rugby Club
Antea Dedić, San Antonio Riveters
Barbie Blair, HARC
Bonnie Richardson, HARC
Britt McGhee, Austin Valkyries
Caitlin Reedy, Austin Valkyries
Casey Reynolds-Keais, Austin Valkyries
Dominique Wermine, Austin Valkyries
Elsie Emanuel, Austin Valkyries
Emily Grissett, Dallas Harlequins
Erika Persil, Austin Valkyries
Geri Thomas, Austin Valkyries
Hailey Rebar, HARC
Jacqueline Tobar, Austin Valkyries
Jess LaMoe, Austin Valkyries
Jordan Heller, Austin Valkyries
Karla Navarrete, Austin Valkyries
Kiana Curl, HARC
Lauren Elliott, San Antonio Riveters
Leslie Schroeder, HARC
Lori Mayfield, Dallas Reds
Molly Whitman, Dallas Harlequins
Nastasha Pedjase, HARC
Nick James, HARC
Sophie Babo, Austin Valkyries
Veronica Houck, Bay Area Rugby Club


Traci S. Young, Scrum Coach
Troy Spencer, Lineout Coach
Alex Rees, Backs Coach
Matthew Frings, S&C Coach
Misty Dunn, Assistant
Jacky Acosta, Team Manager
Wendy Young, Administrator
Luis Sanchez, Coach

TRU U24 All Stars

Emily Dodson, Texas A&M University
Grace Atkinson, Sam Houston State University
Cassie Reyna, Texas A&M University
Christin Alsop, Texas A&M University
Deborah Tate, Texas A&M University
Hannah Jamieson, Texas A&M University
Lynsey McKinney, Texas A&M University
Mackenzie Nelson, Texas A&M University
Morgen Cote, Texas A&M University
Rebecca Carcano, Texas A&M University
Madison Brantley, Houston Athletic Rugby Club
Haley Thompson, Texas State University
Nadira Smith, Houston Athletic Rugby Club
Analisa ‘Smalls’ Ruiz, University of Texas at Austin
Savannah Sutton, Texas State University
Cassie Sweebe, Texas State University
Joanna Zumkeller, Texas State University
Gillian Sitler, Texas A&M University
Madeleine Bullen, University of Texas at Austin
Chris Thomas, Sam Houston State University
Julia Norwood, University of Texas at Austin
Kamryn Seale, University of Oklahoma
Jamelia Reed, University of Oklahoma
Mak Kadlec, University of Texas at Austin
Seyi Osunsade, Texas A&M University
Abbye Pittser, University of Oklahoma
Kaitlyn Willemin, University of Texas at Austin


Nick James
Holly Iker
Jack Harrell

TRU Motley Crew

Persephone Alicea, University of Texas
Brittney Allums, Dallas Harlequins
Chelsey Arámbula, Austin Valkyries
Adriana DaCosta, Austin Valkyries
Jordan Deamon, Austin Valkyries
Kat Deck, San Antonio Riveters
Misty Dunn, San Antonio Riveters
Gabriela Hillman, Dallas Athletic Rugby Club
Zoe Hunter, Austin Valkyries
Brittney Matthews, Austin Valkyries
Chelsea McFarland, Austin Valkyries
Delia Nava, HARC
Chelsea Peper, HARC
Sonia Preisser, Dallas Athletic Rugby Club
Sofia Sanborn, Austin Valkyries
Danesha Shipman, Austin Valkyries
Ariel Sten, Austin Valkyries
Grace Todesco, Austin Valkyries
Jenny Vancura, Austin Valkyries
Alexis White, Austin Valkyries
Rea Whitman, Dallas Harlequins


Troy Spencer, Austin Huns


Amanda Gould ,Kansas City Jazz
Amy Spafford, St. Louis Sabres
Ana Stanowick, University of Arkansas
Anna Albrecht, St Louis Sabres
Anna Tribbett, Queen City Chaos
Cambre Awtrey, Fayetteville Phoenix
Ciara Clawson, Kansas City Jazz
Chris Holzhauser, CRFC Black Sheep
Cooper Horning, Kansas City Jazz
Emily Lessner, CRFC Black Sheep
Gillian Stuart, Wichita Valkyries
Hannah Reid, Kansas City Jazz
Hayley Snodgrass, Omaha Goats Women
Jasmine Kovacs, Omaha Goats Women
Jayne Bannister, Kansas Women- Bison
Jessica Tharp, Kansas City Jazz
Katlyn Pappan, Queen City Chaos
Mandy Smith, Saint Louis Sabres
Meredith Schwartz, St. Louis Sabres
Oksana Goretaya,  Kansas Women- Bison
Rochelle Towson, Kansas Women -Bison
Sarah Dickerson, Fayetteville Women’s Rugby Club
Serena Austin, Queen City Chaos
Sloane Hecimovich, St. Louis Sabres
Essence (Tre) Bell, Omaha Goats Women
Whitney Smith, Saint Louis Sabres


KJ Abel
Jodi Lawrence

Old Glory Capital Selects

Hope Allen, DC Revolution
Lacy Ames, Frederick
Stephanie Barros, NOVA
Emily Blease, NOVA
Kayla Cook, NOVA
Katrina Ferchow, James River
Amanda Fins, DC Furies
Lauran Glover, DC Furies
Samantha Golt, James River
Tanya Gouws, Maryland Stingers
Ariel Johnson, NOVA
Bri Kim, NOVA
Liz Linstrom, DC Furies
Sharifa Love-Schnur, DC Furies
Katie “RK’ Lutton, NOVA
Gussie Maguire, DC Furies
Kiki Malomo-Paris, Chesapeake
Tori Meilhammer, George Mason Univ
Jess Molnar, NOVA
Sarah Repta, Frederick
Anna Savage, NOVA
Sarah Schindehette, Chesapeake
Michelle Schneider, NOVA
Hannah Whiteley, Severn River
Sierra Winans, DC Furies


Nancy Fitz
Steven Davis,
Glenn Jensen


Megan Ahnen, Fort Wayne
Amanda Anderson, Milwaukee Scylla
Sarah ‘Esther’ Anderson, Chicago Women
Monica Christian, Cincinnati Kelts
Erika Crosby, Metropolis Valkyries
Anabel Diaz, Chicago Lions
Alyssa Doucet-Murad, Fox Vally Vixens
Allison Dykes, Chicago Northshore
DeVonna Frances, Columbus
Morgan Haggerty, Pittsburgh Forge
Maggie Hutchison, Wisconsin Women
Charli Jacoby, Chicago Northshore
Ariane Lozac’hmeur, Chicago Women
Vanessa Marsh, Cleveland
Amy Martello, Chicago Northshore
Tierney Morton, Wisconsin Women
Kathleen Murphy, County Will Morrigans
Margaret Nedow, Milwaukee Scylla
Rachel Rogawski- County Will Morrigans
Loren Schlei, Milwaukee Scylla
Alie Schoening, Chicago Women
Brooke Schraffenberger, Detroit
Whitney Swenson, Metropolis Valkyries
Noby Takaki, Chicago Northshore
Cassandra Urbano, Metropolis Valkyries


USA Rugby South

Stephanie Alliev, Metropolis Valkyries
Hannah Bauer, Louisiana Lagniappe
Samantha Black, Tampa Krewe
Nicki Button, Uticuse
Lindy Clark, Nashville Stonelions
Gabriella Colasurdo, East Carolina University
Shannon Etherson, Charlotte Rugby
Jasmine Griffin, Eno River
Akilah Guzman, Atlanta Harlequins
Kimberly Henning, Clemson University
Allison Kurtz, Savannah Shamrocks
Jen Moser ,Charlotte Rugby
Ashley Prusak, Atlanta Harlequins
Maggie Reichard, San Diego Surfers
Tatiana Rubow, Southern Pines
Taulagaola Uta’i
Sierra Watkins, Chattanooga Queens
Callie Woods, Columbia Bombshells


Chris Martin
Joel Bonnaud
Neil Pietila

Pacific NW

Adrienne Acosta, ORSU Jesters
Stefani Bergerhouse, Seattle Saracens
Francine Bray, Seattle Saracens
Erin Boise, United Rugby Club
Lee Chapman, Bend Lady Roughriders
Meredith Conrad-Forrest, Eugene Reign
Erika Farias, Oregon Sports Union
Madison Feddersen, Tacoma Sirens
Xela Goodman, Bend Lady Roughriders
Kylie Hahn, Bend Lady Roughriders
ZuZu Hansen-Simmons, Eugene Reign
Angelina Isola, Boise United
Monica Leoso, Tacoma Sirens
Claire Lundy, ORSU
Mariko Moore, Eugene Reign
Annette Ray, ORSU Jesters
ShaMarica Scott, South Sound Assassins
Lili Shi, Seattle Saracens
Talisa Sobieski, Bend Lady Roughriders
Erin Stehr Budd, Bay Bandits
Michelle Swetky, Seattle Saracens
Leena Vien, Boise United Women’s Rugby
Beck Williams, Seattle Saracens


Lance Pruett, Seattle Saracens​

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