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Notice of Sanction – TX Islanders & Players

The TX Islanders Rugby Club is hereby suspended from participating in any rugby event. TRU directs TX Islanders to provide the CIPP registered identities of the players cited on June 25th, 2011 on or before July 6th, 2011. If appropriate response is not received, TX Islanders will be removed as a Club in Good Standing from TRU membership and will not be scheduled League Matches, nor assigned Match Officials and all TRU Member Clubs will be prohibited from competing with any entity known as or associated with TX Islanders.

This notice is sent to the registered representative for Texas Islanders. I ask TRU to forward this notice to any and all remaining 7s events hosts for this summer season so they are made aware of TX Islanders and the suspended player’s status as disqualified from competing in any event.

David McPhail