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TRU Board Meeting Notes – 3/18/24

At the request of our members the TRU Board will be releasing their monthly board call minutes and notes. View all of the TRU archived minutes or read on for the most recent notes:

  1. Roll Call
    1. McPhail
    2. Ozzie
    3. Kurylas
    4. Tomsak
    5. Dodge
    6. Hiller
    7. Hanson
      1. Regrets:
        1. Ohmann-Wilson
        2. Young
  2. Upcoming Events:
    1. RRRC D3 Quarters and D2 Semis – April 13 
      1. MD3 will follow the traditional format with top 8 sides advancing.
      2. Top 4 teams will host the bottom 4 teams.
      3. We will need Match Officials at these events. Likely one in LR and one in Shreveport.
      4. MD2 will have a Semi-Final weekend. Need Match Officials at these events as well.
    2. RRRC’s – Houston TX – April 20 & 21
      1. Hosted by HARC at Sabercats Warm Up Fields.
      2. Setting up our 3rd planning call this week with Venue, HARC, Wendy & Myself.
      3. 5 games on SAT and 3 Championships to be played on SUN.
      4. Last game on SAT will be a D4 “Championship” as a reward for D4’s top N & S teams.
      5. All TRRA crew for RRRC weekend!
    3. Gulf Coast Super Regional – May 4 & 5
      1. Hosted by Austin Blacks @ Burr Field.
      2. 8 games on SAT (10/12/2/4 KO’s) and 3-5 on SUN depending on final format.
      3. SAT first game at 10am and concludes at 4pm with RRRC MD1 and WD1 championships.
      4. Thanks to Ross and TRRA for working with USA Rugby Referees to get the schedule sorted.
    4. USA Club Nationals – May 17 thru 20
      1. Hosted by Austin Blacks @ Round Rock.
      2. Setting up initial meetings this week to go over the checklist with ARFC, Wendy & Myself.
      3. USA has already started calls with ARFC so moving forward and have been told that SCC is pleased with ARFC efforts.
    5. RRRC / TOLA Sevens
      1. See prior RRRC / TRU minutes for details / dates.
      2. Arnal Prasad has created a Google Doc for all Hosts to share and will be getting it posted to TRU/RRRC website for all Clubs/Members to utilize as primary source for upcoming events.
    6. TRU Summit & Hall of Fame
      1. Hilton Austin Airport Hotel – August 23-25.
      2. HOF nominations have been requested multiple times via FB but so far the list of names (~6) have been submitted and are trickling in slowly. 
  3. Discipline 
    1. Judicial Officer Training – Initiative being led by Scot and Zack
      1. Dallas – June 8-9 at Love Field DoubleTree (same weekend as LoneStar Sevens).
        1. Need an advert for the event (date / costs / times).
      2. Grants – Scot and Zack are working on a list of recommended names and costs.
        1. Six names at this time. ZH to send out more follow up reminders.
    2. Updates – Zack: everything is going well. Reports are timely and detailed. Players receptive to the new process of the Hearing format. DC / RX working well from Admin perspective.
    3. Teams need to check RX to ensure player availability date early in the match week to ensure Admin can clear the player on a timely basis per DC rulings.
  4. USA Rugby 
    1. Updates – Dodge
      1. Scott Duval of SCC Disciplinary Committee working with Dallas Love Field Doubletree (JO Training above).
      2. Dodge confirmed the McPhail conversation regarding Sevens format via Dodge’s conversation with Sevens Director. Plan is likely to move away from CrossOver competitions to Super Regionals with at-large bids to the Winners (2x?).
      3. Social Media Grants – WY completed.
      4. SCC meeting will have new CEO Bill Goran in attendance; replacing Ross Young.
  5. Administration
    1. Updates – Hansel – No major issues. Minor issues as usual but nothing critical.
    2. David – I messaged Kirk about 501c3 status. No changes.
  6. New Business
    1. Email regarding Pitch Concerns – Ozzie
      1. Concerns regarding the Woodlands multipurpose pitch (Turf / Concrete Barriers / Light Poles / small Curb, Etc).
      2. Contact Club to see what can be done with the Parks Dept to help solve / mitigate risks.
    2. Playoff Roster scrub has been posted to the website with a deadline of March 31 in anticipation of the upcoming Playoff push.
    3. Hope is to cover >80% of the names and eligibility issues before we get to the normal push at the end of season (4/6 weekend).
    4. Reminder that XVs transfer/registration deadline is April 1, notice posted to the website and emailed to all@texasrugbyunion.com as well.
    5. Congratulations to Kat Roche as she has been appointed as an official for the 2024 Guinness Women’s Six Nations, read more here.
  7. Meeting Adjournment 9:04 PM
    1. Motion by Kurylas and Dodge