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Important Notice: 2023-24 Eligibility Pre-check for Postseason

In preparation for the upcoming postseason, we are implementing a 2024 Eligibility Pre-check to ensure that all clubs are well-prepared. As part of this process, we require each club to compile an “eligibility book” containing player identification and citizenship information, in accordance with USA Rugby’s Eligibility Regulations.

The TRU will conduct a virtual book check effective March 20, 2024. Clubs are requested to upload a player roster and provide a digital eligibility book link for verification by March 31, 2024. We encourage you to complete this process before the specified date to facilitate a smooth pre-check.

Here are the directions for submission:

  • Roster:
    • Please make a copy of the roster template and place it in your club’s folder.
    • Complete a roster form for your single club using the provided template.
    • For multi-side clubs, provide a roster for each side.
  • Digital Book Link:
    • Add the link to your digital book on the roster form (marked in yellow).

For your convenience, we have included a template with 30 rows. If more are required, please add additional rows as necessary. If you need a quick and easy template, please view this example from a few years ago.

To address identity theft concerns, we strongly recommend redacting passport, driver’s license, and similar numbers, as well as parents’ names from birth certificates before storing digital copies of eligibility documents online.

Please be aware that complete eligibility documentation is mandatory for all playoff rounds, including any Red River Quarterfinals and Playoffs. Playoff matches will NOT be played under protest. Failure to have your eligibility book in order for a playoff match will result in your club forfeiting the match.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a fair and smooth postseason.