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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 3/19/24

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

  1. Roll Call
    1. McPhail
    2. Dale
    3. Norton
    4. Hanlon
    5. Horn
    6. Hunter
    7. Robinson
    8. Kurylas
    9. Ozzie
    10. Hanson
    11. Regrets
      1. Curl
      2. Hughes
      3. Wegman
      4. Prasad
      5. Young
  2. Compliance Checks
    1. Match Day
      1. FTW – No notification to RRRC / Reps. 
      2. Book Checks – Teams need to have on hand and be checking BEFORE kickoff.
        1. Challenge noted regarding Crabs vs SA3. Player ID and withheld.
      3. Rosters in RX – Need to input FR, Subs (with names and times), running and final scores, etc.
      4. Technical Zone – Reminder to Coaches of to re-familiarize themselves with policy and conduct. This also applies to bench, fans, supporters, and alumni conduct.
    2. Compliance doc / link:
      1. https://texasrugbyunion.com/club-compliance/
    3. RX this week:
      1. Shreveport vs BARC (zero)?
      2. Little Rock W vs Dallas Women – no score either team
      3. Las Colinas vs FTW4 – cancel or reschedule?
  3. RRRC’s Eligibility Precheck:
    1. Hansel and Wendy will pull registered rosters as of end of day Saturday, March 19th.
    2. All Clubs will self report a) Eligibility Documents / Proof of Citizenship and b) complete Google Worksheet that will track two match minimum requirements and/or mult-side eligibility. This is intended to keep Clubs focused on match day compliance as we head to Playoffs and to ease the process of verification as we head toward the last few rounds of league matches and the knockout rounds (D3 / D2).
  4. CMS Appeal
    1. Huns vs HURT – Vote from last week was 8 in favor of motion. No votes against motion to change final score. Hanson requested to update RX with Score and appropriate Bonus points.
  5. RRRC Play In Matches:
    1. MD3 Qtrs – Saturday, April-13th
      1. Need four (4x) people to volunteer as Match Commissioners at each of the venues.
    2. MD2 Semis – Saturday, April-13th
      1. Need two (2x) people to volunteer as Match Commissioners at each of the venues.
  6. Championship Events
    1. RRRC – April 20-21st
      1. Held at Sabercats field. 
      2. Need to schedule a follow up call with Host and Wendy next week (3/18).
      3. Tentative schedule subject to review of travel accommodations:
        1. Saturday:
          1. 10am – WD2 Semis
          2. 12pm – MD3 Semis
          3. 2pm – D4 Challenge Series (Collin Cty vs HURT 4) = JK thoughts?
          4. 2pm – WD1 Final (if needed) and / or the Consolation Bracket for D2 (5-8)
        2. Sunday:
          1. 10am – WD2 Final
          2. 12pm – MD3 Final
          3. 2pm – MD2 Final = Hanlon & Horn thoughts?
    2. Gulf Coast – May 4-5th
      1. Held at Burr field. Hosted by Austin Blacks
      2. Need to schedule an initial call with Host and Wendy next week or two.
      3. All four (4x) SR’s are being held on the same weekend across the USA.
      4. Tentative Schedule subject to review of travel accommodations:
        1. Saturday:
          1. 10am – MD3 Semis
          2. 12pm – WD2 Semis
          3. 2pm – MD2 Semis
          4. 4pm – MD1 RRRC Finals & WD1 RRRC vs Rocky Mtn
        2. Sunday:
          1. 10am – MD3 Final & WD2 Consolation (optional)
          2. 12pm – WD2 Final
          3. 2pm – MD2 Final
    3. USA National Championships – May 17-19th
      1. Held at Round Rock Multipurpose Complex / hosted by Austin Blacks.
      2. The Rugby Network will be streaming.
      3. More details to follow.
  7. Sevens Update
    1. Arnal out of town.
    2. Dates appear to be confirmed for Qualifiers
    3. McPhail spoke to David Fee (New 7s Chair). Sounds like not many changes in structure. Main item that is likely to change is the canceling of the crossover with Midwest GU. 
      1. Bloodfest June-15th
      2. Choctaw June-29th
      3. Hell or Highwater July-20th
      4. Nationals – Madison, WI Aug-10-11th
    4. TOLA – Still some minor movement pending. Arnal will provide a “master calendar”.
  8. Summit / Hall of Fame:
    1. Austin, TX – August 24-25th. Hotel TBD.
  9. New Business – None.
  10. Meeting Adjournment 8:36 PM. Motion to adjourn. Norton/Robinson