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Texas GU Paid Administrator – Part Time

GU Staff Respsibilities 2011 – DRAFT

As part of USA Rugby’s pilot program to create “Geographic Unions” aka GU’s, the vision of USA Rugby is to have a paid administrator on staff to work for USA on behalf of the GU.

The position will be part time in nature and will be “very fluid” with respect to time requirements, day to day duties and final job description.

Attached is a draft job description that was originally proposed.

Once officially posted, not yet, the candidate will be trained by USA Rugby on policies and procedures.  Minimum requirements will be in depth knowledge of USA, West and GU policies;  computer skills (website, email, spreadsheets, presentations, etc), strong communication skills and flexibility for travel as needed to support Union events.

Candidate must be self motivated and will be evaluated based on results and timeliness, thoroughness of assigned task, projects and assigned duties.

Once the position is official, the position will be re-posted accordingly.