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Sideline Conduct REMINDER

Texas Rugby UnionSideline Conduct and Protocol remains an area that continues to require diligence.  I recommend and encourage everyone to take a quick review of them at: http://www.texasrugbyunion.com/2010/10/09/updated-tru-field-policy-effective-101510/

Simply put, ONE COACH/REP inside the ropes and he/she is the enforcer.  If asked to comply by anyone, but especially a Match Official or a Coach/Rep inside the ropes and the party either dissents, fails to comply or as has been frequently reported laughs, mocks, argues, questions the person’s authority to make such a request, disregards and/or is generally contemptible at the suggestion of compliance is simply not acceptable and is considered Unsportsmanlike Conduct and/or Off-Field Misconduct.  If a friendly reminder of the rules does not remedy a situation, or if it is met with resistance or contempt, the DC encourages anyone to report such.   The TRU has directed the DC to look into and take action, when necessary to either punish such behavior and/or send the message that such is inappropriate.

I realize that many do not feel these protocols are worthy of enforcement, are tedious and even considered petty by some, however they serve very legitimate purposes; all for the safety of the participants and the health of the game.  It reduces the likelihood of reserves or even fans from entering the pitch when there is a scuffle, as well as have been shown to keep the area open for the ARs to move freely, and reduces the likelihood and occurrences of Ref Abuse from the sidelines, however this area is still in woeful need of improvement.
We must take our game seriously, if we expect the outside world to do the same.  These are the steps in that direction, making our game as good a product on and off the field.
Please take care to comply and ensure compliance across the board by everyone.
Scot Courtney, TRU Disciplinary Chair