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RRRC Playoff Seeding Clarification

Red River Rugby ConferenceThe Red River Rugby Conference (RRRC) holds Competitive Region (CR) playoffs in all divisions that include multiple conferences. Currently, Division 1 Men include a single conference and the winner is based on the league standings and advances to USA Rugby playoffs (*1). The other three RRRC divisions include multiple conferences and a four-team playoff is conducted at the end of the regular season, with the winner advancing to the USA Rugby playoffs.

The RRRC Divisional and conference structure is shown below:

  • Division 1 Men – 7 teams, Single Conference, league standings determine Champion
  • Division 2 Men – 17 teams in 3 Conferences, Conference Champions and one 2nd-place team advances to RRRC semi-finals.
    • D2-D1b – 6 teams
    • D2-North – 6 teams
    • D2-South – 5 teams
  • Division 3 Men – 19 teams in 3 Conferences, Conference Champions and one 2nd-place team advances to RRRC semi-finals.
    • D3-Central – 6 teams
    • D3-North – 6 teams
    • D3-South – 7 teams
  • Division 1/2 Women – 6 teams in 2 Conferences, Conference Champions and runners-ups advance to RRRC cross-over Semi-finals.
    • Women’s East – 3 teams
    • Women’s West – 3 teams

In both Div.2 and Div.3 Men there are three conferences with different numbers of teams in the conferences. In order to compensate in the different number of league matches per conference, the following metrics will be used for seeding the CR semi-finals.

Metric #1 – Percent Possible League Points. For each team, percent possible league points will be computed as [(100 x obtained league points) / (possible league points)]. The winners of the three conferences will be seeded 1, 2, 3 based on Metric#1. The #4 seed will be awarded to the conference runner-up with the highest Percent Possible League Points.

Metric#2 – Average Points Differential. If two or more teams are tied in Metric#1, then Metric #2 will be used to break the tie. Average Points Differential (Points For minus Points Against) will be computed over the conference matches and the results used to rank the tied teams.

Matchups for the Semi-finals will be based on seeding — #1 v #4 and #2 v #3. If two teams from the same conference are playing in a Semifinal, then the #3 and #4 seeds will switch semi-finals.

(*1) – For the 2015-16 competitive cycle, RRRC advances two Div.1 teams to USA Rugby Playoffs (Round of 8).