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TRU Board Notes – 1/15/2018

At the request of our members the TRU Board will be releasing their monthly board call minutes and notes. View all of the TRU archived minutes or read on for the most recent notes:

  1. Roll Call
    1. Young
    2. Dodge
    3. Tomsak
    4. Turner
    5. Yeoman
    6. James
    7. Parker
      1. Regrets
        1. Tate
        2. Green
  2. Followups
    1. Bid Hosts
      1. Young: We’ve received bids from Alliance, Austin Blacks and TCU for TRU/RRRC Championships. Otis Parker (D3 Men’s Club Rep), Nick James (Women’s Club Rep), John Kurylas (RRRC D3 Men’s Rep) and Wendy Young (TRU Admin) will be reviewing the bids. Once they review they will make recommendations to the TRU and RRRC respectively.
        1. Young: We’ve heard that Tulsa, Ft. Worth, Austin Blacks and Austin Huns will be bidding to host the USAR Western Playoffs. 
    2. CMS
      1. Young: Corpus Christi Crabs are all caught up, Tyler hasn’t completed their 12/16 match but they did pay the unlock fee and are working on it.
    3. WD3
      1. Young: In talking with some of the WD3 teams they don’t quite have the numbers to be playing 15s. In some cases they want to play 15s so they could borrow more than 3 players to make that happen. But that goes against our current MD4/WD3 guidelines. I feel strongly that these teams are recruiting and working hard so I’d like to recommend that we lift the guest player restriction only for Women’s D3.
      2. Tomsak: Have they played any matches yet?
      3. Young: A few friendlies so far, league play kicks off this weekend. Some of the matches will more than likely be 7s or 10s.
      4. Tomsak: In the Deep South they’ve had some issues with these and they did tournaments to try and help.
      5. Young: Definitely something we talked about but these teams have a really wide geographic area, think Bay Area to OKC…that’s 8-9 hours of travel.
      6. James: Could we do something Gold Cup like for these teams?
      7. Young: I’m not opposed to these ideas but league matches are supposed to start next weekend.
      8. Dodge: I guess what I’m hearing is that if we allow additional guest players, maybe we can get teams to play 15s?
      9. Young: That is the outcome I’m hoping for and maybe that we say that 15s matches count towards league matches. Recommending that we also have a 1v2 Championship and it must be 15s.
      10. James: I see what you’re saying and that makes sense.
      11. Dodge: So for the WD3, drop any limit of guest players and you must have enough for 15s to play in the Championship match. Same rules apply to both, guest players are allowed for playoffs/Championships.
      12. Tomsak: For the Championships you may not want guest players?
      13. Young: You might if they are pretty good…Doesn’t make it right, but that may be what happens.
      14. Dodge: I motion we lift the guest player requirement for the regular season. They still need to make the 10 player requirement (updated TRU forfeit policy). We can then poll the clubs about their thoughts on what we should do for the TRU Championships.
        1. Tomsak: Any disagreement? None. APPROVED.
        2. Young: Ok, I will let the players know that the guest player limit has been lifted and will remind them that the matches need to be at least 10s.
        3. Dodge: Will you also include a question about what the teams think the Championships should be? That way we can see what their feelings are.
        4. Young: Of course.
  3. Compliance
    1. Tate (by email): CIPPs are behind where we were last year, a couple of reasons/thoughts:
      1. Women started early fall last season, and now starting in January – so their registrations aren’t coming in as early.
      2. MLR players who played for TRU clubs last year but not CIPPed to a TRU club this season (perhaps 15-20 guys, mostly Huns and Lonestars)
      3. SWC Women (about 100 players) moved to Lonestar conference this year.
      4. Fort Hood folding due to deployments (40+ players).
  4. AGM Topics
    1. Young: Asking for visuals/topics that we need to cover in the upcoming AGM. I don’t want it to be just the Board talking, I’d like it to have some visuals.
    2. Yeoman: Would you guys like to Congress updated?
    3. Young: Yes, can you put something together?
    4. Yeoman: Yes.
    5. Tomsak: Will the referees have anything?
    6. Young: Yes, I’ve talked with Scott and will put something together.
    7. Tomsak: I think it would be good to have a slide showing grants for players, coaches and TRRA.
    8. Young: Ok, I can do that.
    9. Dodge: Probably wouldn’t hurt to go over the new RRRC tiebreaker playoff.
    10. Parker: And the new field policies – technical zones.
  5. New Business
    1. WTR Contacts
      1. Yeoman: When we switched over from the public database to WTR, was it brought over automatically?
      2. Young: No, we wanted teams to make sure that information was updated. We’ve posted several updates and will keep reminding teams.
    2. NDS
      1. Yeoman: The NDS is this weekend, if you have any topics you’d like me to pay particular attention to, let me know.
    3. Rugby Wrap-up Interview
      1. Yeoman: Will Chang did an interview on Rugby Wrap-up the other day. He speaks about RIM and a few other topics. It’s about 40 minutes long and has some really interesting topics.
  6. Adjourned (8:48 pm)
    1. Dodge: Motion to adjourn.
    2. James: Second.