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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 2/12/2018

The Red River Competitions Committee will now be releasing their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:


  1. Roll Call
    1. Dodge
    2. Young
    3. Keuppens
    4. Dale
    5. Turner
    6. Watson
    7. Kurylas
    8. Kolberg
    9. Hughes
    10. Tolar
    11. Green
      1. Regrets
        1. Fosco
        2. Gross
  2. Followups
    1. Bid Hosts – Decision on Round 8 Venue expected from USAR this week.
      1. Alliance – Backup for RRRC / bidding for USAR Western Playoffs
      2. Austin Blacks – Hosting RRRC / bidding for USAR Western Playoffs
      3. Tulsa – bidding for USAR Western Playoffs
      4. Ft. Worth – bidding for USAR Western Playoffs
    2. CMS
      1. Dodge: Wendy, how are things looking now?
      2. Young: Much better now that we have a few games under our belts.
    3. Divisional Reports
      1. Dodge: Any updates or concerns with regards to matches? Any forfeits?
      2. Hughes: D3 is looking good, no forfeits at this time.
    4. NCC / CSC Update:
      1. WD1 Waiver – Approved by CSC
      2. Revised TOR in works
        1. Dodge: There is a revised Terms of Reference in the works, I think it’s just a tightening up of some of the language. It’s interesting how different the various CR committees run across the geographies.
        2. Young: Who is spearheading the change?
        3. Dodge: It’s actually coming through the USA Rugby National Competitions Committee. It was already in progress when I took Chair and I was able to participate in the changes a bit.
        4. Watson: That subject came up during the Congress meeting this weekend. The revision for members not attending is a directive from Congress.
    5. Report from Eligibility Documentation Working Group
      1. Keuppens: A few months ago a sub-committee was created to help teams become compliant on “the book”. We settled on a system to help reinforce the current policies and help teams. The current recommendation is that all teams have a eligibility book that includes player eligibility and citizenship. Opponents can ask to review the eligibility book at any time; but if they forgo the inspection they are not able to challenge eligibility.
        1. Keuppens: The new recommendation is that teams can have a hard copy or a digital copy. Wendy can re-post the requirements to the web (feedburner) and then the RRRC will start doing pre-announced spot checks. The tricky part is who should be doing the checks, this doesn’t fall under referees but we feel that it should be RRRC competitions committee members.
        2. Dodge: I wouldn’t mind putting out some suggested best practices for an electronic book.
        3. Watson: So they can do hard copy or digital?
        4. Keuppens: Yes, either is fine.
        5. Dodge: What I’d like to do is give the clubs the tools they need and give them advanced warning so they can get everything in order.
        6. Keuppens: The goal is NOT to catch offenders but rather achieve compliance.
        7. Dodge: At the end of the day if we have another Lone Star situation at Championships, we want to make sure that we have given warning and have given all the teams the tools they need.
        8. Watson: I think the D3 reps should get into contact with their teams, they are probably going to need the most help.
        9. Kolberg: I think the key to everything is also making sure that the players understand that they need to have the right documentation as well. As well as the person checking the information, they need to be vigilant.
        10. Dodge: Sounds like we have a gameplan, does anyone have an objection to this approach?
          1. Hughes: I can check all the D3 teams in the Central when they play us. We don’t have anyone in the Houston area to check those teams…Otis is in the Galveston area, maybe he could help us out.
          2. Keuppens: Yes, we may have to find a volunteer in areas that we don’t have RRRC reps at. We can probably lean on clubs that have playoff experience and ask them to do it on our behalf.
          3. Young: Kirk (TRU President) had tasked me with getting something like this together ahead of this year’s Championships. USAR has it in their club championship packet and we start with that. I will put together a draft and share it out.
  3. New Business
    1. Congress Update
      1. Watson: Congress met last weekend in DFW. Hot topics were:
        1. Financials – Lots of discussion here…
          1. RIM/Rugby Channel continues to struggle
          2. USA vs South Africa isn’t selling well either
        2. Rugby World Cup 7s has sold about 60k tickets but they need to sell 40k more seats. They are optimistic that they will break even or take a small loss.
        3. Overall the entire Congress was very complimentative of the TRU, Fort Worth and Alliance helped with hosting duties and they are really excited about the pro rugby teams in our area.
    2. Game Board / Update on 7s Qualifier Structure
      1. Keuppens: The Performance Game Board is a subcommittee group that is overseeing Club 7s. Last week they released an update and recommendations for the upcoming 7s season. This won’t change much of what we are doing other than the open qualifying tournaments (June 30, one in the East & one in the West). The other interesting piece is that player eligibility has changed a bit, players only have to play in “recognized” tournaments, like TOLA and the roster has been expanded to 13. The RRRC 7s committee had met previously to go over dates and we will meet again to finalize.
      2. Dodge: Do we anticipate having a recommended schedule by the next RRRC meeting?
      3. Keuppens: Yes, we have a penciled in schedule and will revisit it with the news of the open tournament. We’re going to recommend that we leave that date open.
      4. Dodge: In regards to using TOLA tournaments for player eligibility, do we need to get something in writing from the game board?
      5. Keuppens: Yes, I think we should get it in writing. If we are going to recommend TOLA events help with eligibility, we should get it in writing before we roll it out to the teams.
    3. Need to start thinking about promotion / relegation
      1. Dodge: I’ve asked all the divisional reps to start reviewing your various divisions and see who may be the likely candidates to promotion and relegation. I’d like to start a conversation with those teams pretty early so we can avoid surprises.
      2. Young: This includes the women (D2 and D3) this year, this will be their first year!
  4. Adjourned ( 8:56pm)
    1. Watson: I move that we adjourn.
    2. Young: Second.