2018 USA Rugby Congress Club Representative – Accepting Nominations

Ron Watson’s two year term as a Congress Club Representative for the TRU has ended. We’d like to thank Ron for his continued time and support as a Congress Club Representative to USA Rugby on behalf of the TRU.

The TRU Board is now accepting nominations for individuals interested in the seat. The responsibilities and duties of the Club Congress Representatives was previously posted and can be found here.

Individuals may nominate themselves by submitting a rugby resume as well as a personal statement (maximum one page) explaining why they wish to hold one of the seats. Individuals may also nominate others, the TRU Administrator will contact these individuals to determine if they accept the nomination and acquire the requested documents.

Please send nominations to the TRU Admin, admin@texasrugbyunion.com. Note that the nomination window closes July 15, 2018.

Nominations will be posted on the TRU website no later than July 18, 2018 for all members to review.

Each TRU Senior Club President in good standing will vote for their top two candidates. The candidate with the most votes will fill the seat. The candidate with the second most votes will be an alternate if either elected Congress Representative is unable to attend a Congress Meeting.

The Election results will be announced on the TRU website no later than September 1, 2017. The votes will be verified by Kirk Tate and Wendy Young.

Forum @ AGM

The TRU Summer AGM will devote a period of time for each candidate to address the TRU Membership in attendance; TRU Members, Club Representatives and Board Members will be allowed and encouraged to ask the candidates questions and the candidates are obligated to give a short, but explanative response. This portion will be moderated by current TRU Board members to ensure order and effective use of time.


Electronic voting for these positions will open immediately upon adjournment of the TRU Summer AGM and will remain open for five (5) days. Upon the close of voting, the TRU Board will certify the election and announce the winner (provided there is not a tie and run-off needed) on Friday following the TRU Summer AGM.

Please contact the current TRU Admin or any of divisional representatives if you have questions or concerns about this process.

Nomination  Process:

Now – Jul 15: Nominees are accepted
Jul 18: Nominations posted to the TRU website for review
Aug 26 – Aug 31: Online Voting via the TRU Website (voting form sent to Club Presidents)
Sep 10: Results posted to TRU Website

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