Men’s DIII Nominees & Voting – 2018 TRU Board

Please review the below nominees for the Men’s DIII seat on the TRU Board.

Chad Mooney, Shreveport
John Kurylas, Grand Prairie

Voting rules:

Quorum is 2/3 of eligible voters (7/11 teams in this case). Candidate must receive more than 50% of the votes to be declared the winner. In case of a tie, the TRU President will break the tie as specified in the TRU Bylaws.

Note that secondary teams can only vote for their highest division, as an example the Austin Blacks can only vote in D1. They would not be eligible to vote for in this election. The eligible teams are:

DIII Clubs

Grand Prairie
Alamo City
Corpus Christi

DIV/Social Clubs

Dallas Diablos
Corpus Christi Dogfish
Lost Souls

Voting Collection & Confirmation:

Wendy Young, TRU admin will send out the ballot to the current Divisional Club Presidents listed on the TRU Contacts page after the summer TRU AGM. Kirk Tate, TRU President, will assist and confirm the votes. If you don’t receive it or have additional questions, please email admin@texasrugbyunion.com.

Review the previously posted Nomination and Election process here.

Nomination  Process:

Now – Jul 15: Nominees are accepted
Jul 25: Nominations posted to the TRU website for review
Aug 26 – Aug 31: Online Voting via the TRU Website (voting form sent to Club Presidents)
Sep 1: Results posted to TRU Website

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