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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 2/11/2019

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

  1. Roll Call
    1. Young
    2. Dodge
    3. Keuppens
    4. Kolberg
    5. Leming
    6. Singiser
    7. Dale
    8. Kurylas
    9. Hale
      1. Regrets
        1. Tolar
        2. Watson
        3. Hughes
  2. Follow ups
    1. RRRC Elections
      1. MD1
        1. Dodge: We had a 3-3 tie with all clubs participating. Under the TOR it would allow me, as Chair, to break the tie; however I elected to talk to both gentleman (Jeff Kolberg (Reds), the incumbent, and Justin Hale(Huns)) and see if one wanted to withdraw from the MD1 race and serve in a different capacity. In this case, that did happen and Kolberg will remain as the D1 rep, Justin will be joining us on the RRRC 7s sub-committee. Hale was very gracious and excited about working on the 7s committee.
      2. MD2
        1. Dodge: Welcome to Marcus Leming (San Antonio), he’s out newest D2 rep. I’d like to thank Hunter Nezat (West Houston) for serving his term on the committee.
      3. Dodge: Other seats were uncontested and will remain on two year cycles (Everyone who was not up for election this year, will be up for election in Jan. 2020. Those just elected will stand for reelection in Jan. 2021).
    2. RRRC Championship Bids
      1. Austin Blacks
      2. Dallas Reds
        1. Young: So we’ve got two so far, Austin Blacks and Dallas Reds. The deadline is Feb 15 and I’ll send out another reminder tomorrow.
        2. Dodge: So the RRRC certifies and then we make a recommendation to the TRU Board.
        3. Young: Correct, RRRC makes a recommendation to the TRU and they make the choice.
        4. Dodge: Ok, so we may need to gather some more details before the TRU call on Monday, right?
        5. Young: Potentially if we receive any other bids, if we don’t, we have everything we need from the Blacks and Reds.
        6. Dodge: Ok, we will want to try and make a decision before the TRU Board call if we can.
        7. Young: Understood.
        8. Dodge:  Wendy, I will touch base with you on Friday, and if we are in a position to do so, we will take an e-vote from the Committee so we can try to have something in advance of Monday’s TRU Board call.
    3. RRRC 7s
      1. Vote on Dates
        1. 6/22 – RRRC Qualifier 1 – Bloodfest, Austin, TX
        2. 6/29 – National Super Qualifier (Men’s) – Locations TBD
        3. 7/13 – RRRC Qualifier 2 – Location TBD
        4. 7/27 – RRRC Qualifier 3 – Location TBD
        5. 8/10 – 8/11 – National Championship tournament – Location TBD
          1. Keuppens: I motion that we approve the above dates for RRRC 7s.
            1. Young: I second.
            2. Dodge: Any discussion about the dates? None. APPROVED.
          2. Keuppens: I make a second motion that we request bids from the teams for the 7/13 and 7/27 events. I further motion that we open up the bid request to any and all regions (in the past we chose regions for dates).
            1. Kolberg: On 6/22 we are going to Austin, so 7/13 and 7/27 would more than likely not be in Austin?
            2. Keuppens: That’s something thats taken into consideration during the bid process. We wouldn’t disqualify a bid from an Austin / San Antonio club, but we’d prefer to look at other regions for the second and third qualifiers to balance it out.
            3. Dodge: So essentially we’re making this an open bidding process and not locking ourselves into a region for any particular date.
            4. Kolberg: I don’t think we need to identify the regions but I think it would be good to determine if one date is “north” and if one is “south”.
            5. Keuppens: Historically we haven’t received bids from the DFW in several years due to lack of facilities. I don’t believe there were any bids from the DFW area last year. The preference is to have geographic balance if at all possible.
              1. Leming/Young: I second.
              2. Dodge: Anyone opposed to open bidding? None. APPROVED.
                1. Leming: Are colleges able to host these events?
                2. Keuppens: Yes, but we would like to have the host participate in the event as well, so the college team would need to have a team present at all three events. However, there are no TOLA rules that prohibit a college team from participating.
                3. Dodge: No, TOLA just requires that players are CIPP’d.
                4. Kolberg: So if a University was interested in hosting, they’d just have to co-host with a current RRRC team.
                5. Keuppens: Yes, that would be acceptable.
      2. Timing of Bid Requests for 2nd & 3rd Qualifiers
        1. Keuppens: If everyone is OK with it, I’d ask Wendy to put out the bid request next week. We want to avoid confusion with the 15s current request. We’ve got a bit of time but I’d like to have the bids in before March 1.
        2. Young: We’ve got a lot of announcements coming out in the next few weeks, I’d say March 15. I will put up the request next week.
      3. Conference-wide call with 7s Subcommittee re: Structure & Rules
        1. Keuppens: I’m planning to host an all-hands call to explain some of the policy changes and such. It’s probably best if that call happens after the bids are hosted. So the call would be late March.
        2. Dodge: I think that makes sense. One thing we need to do is get the 7s sub-committee recommendations on any changes from last year. They need to be passed through this committee.
        3. Keuppens: Not a problem, they’ve already been drafted and I’ll run them through the sub-committee and have them ready for the next RRRC call in March.
        4. Keuppens: As a placeholder I would say March 25 could be the all-hands call.
  3. Seeding (Competitions tab https://texasrugbyunion.com/competitions/) – Needs to be updated for all divisions (original request in Dec 2018)
    1. Dodge: Here’s the deal, we changed some of the playoff formats because of alignments but the website hasn’t been updated yet. Wendy originally requested that the reps do this in December but it may have gotten lost over the holidays. Below are the recommendations:
      1. WD1 – Regular season winner advances to USAR Round of 8
      2. WD2 – Website is accurate
      3. MD1 – Regular season winner advances to Round of 4
      4. MD2 – Website is accurate
      5. MD3 – Wild Card Playoff for MD3 was unanimously approved by e-vote in August.  Here’s the recommended language from Travis to update the website:
        1. The top two seeded regional winners get a bye straight into the championship weekend, and the number 3 seed regional winner would be included with the three second place teams in the wildcard round. The top two seeded teams in the wildcard round would host the matches at their home pitch.

          Proposed Playoff Format – 6 Teams
          Three Division Winners and Three 2nd Place Teams
          Division Winners and Second Place seeding based on weighted average standings points per match
          Top Two Division Winners (#1 and #2) receive Bye through the Quarter Finals round

          Quarter-Finals Week is April 13th

          Remaining Division Winner (#3) hosts lowest seeded 2nd place team (#6) unless from the same sub-division

          Highest seeded Second Place team (#4) hosts remaining second place team (#5)

          RRRC Championships (May 4th & 5th)
          #1 vs winner of #4 vs #5
          #2 vs winner of #3 vs #6
      6. Dodge: Any objections to the above? This was approved by email in August but it never made it into the minutes. I just want to make sure how we’re addressing how the seeds are determined. Obviously the winners are the winners, but what do we do about 4-6?
        1. Kurylas: We should use the weighted average, just like we determine the wild cards.
        2. Dodge: Ok, any objections to the above? None. APPROVED.
          1. Young: I will update the website.
  4. CMS
    1. Young: Having some issues with CMS, lots of teams missing data. In particular San Antonio is delinquent for 1/26 matches (D2/D4) and I’ve let them know that referees may be pulled from their matches. We’ve made more in CMS fees than ever before…and we don’t want that!
    2. Dodge: Do you think it’s the move from Wed to Mon or something else?
    3. Young: Yes, I think it’s contributing to it and the spring only teams are just getting going.
    4. Dodge: Marcus, can you get with your team (San Antonio) on the 1/26 match?
    5. Leming: Yes, we will get caught up ASAP.
      1. Young: UPDATE 2/13: San Antonio is all caught up now.
  5. New Business
    1. RRRC and TRU Championships Merged (RRRC May 4-5; TRU May 5)
      1. Dodge: Tim, could you reach out to all the MD4 and WD3 teams to make sure they saw that we merged these two events.
      2. Tim: Yes, I can do that.
      3. Dodge: Wendy, was the website updated as well?
      4. Young: Yes, in the bid post and I also updated the Championship page: https://texasrugbyunion.com/championships/.
    2. 7s Sub-committee
      1. Keuppens: Wendy, in the bid request, can you also put a note that we’re seeking additional 7s sub-committee members?
      2. Young: Do you want it in one post or broken out?
      3. Keuppens: I don’t have a preference, Dodge?
      4. Dodge: I think Wendy’s right, let’s break it out.
    3. TOLA 7s
      1. Dodge: Also on this topic, will the 7s sub-committee be working with the clubs to create the TOLA 7s? I did it a few years ago and it is a bit of a challenge, but the competition is better when its organized.
      2. Keuppens: Yes, we be doing that and the hope is that we have a sub-committee member dedicated to TOLA. We’d also like someone on the ground for all of these events helping the hosts, running the schedule etc.
        1. Keuppens: We also need to request dates/hosts for TOLA 7s.
        2. Young: Yes, I’ll go back and see what we did last year and will duplicate. I think we requested RRRC and TOLA 7s together…but I’ll figure it out.
        3. Dodge: You may want to post a draft schedule as we know some of the more consistent clubs like to stay on the same dates.
        4. Keuppens: Right, there are a few that are historical and we’ll be sensitive to that. We certainly want to encourage other teams to have events as well.
    4. Club Survey:
      1. Dodge:  I’m going to draft a survey for the Clubs to complete on how the committee is doing.  Will run content by everyone for comment at the next meeting, or potentially via email before.
  6. Meeting Adjourned (8:55 PM)
    1. Kolberg: I motion we adjourn.
    2. Young: Second.