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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 3/11/2019

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

  1. Roll Call
    1. Young
    2. Dodge
    3. Kurylas
    4. Hale
    5. Kolberg
    6. Fosco
    7. Tolar
    8. Keuppens
    9. Hughes
      1. Regrets
        1. Singiser
        2. Dale
  2. Follow ups
    1. RRRC 15s Championships
      1. Host?
        1. Dallas. Per 3/11/19 email from Dodge: “The voting for the Red River playoff venue closed last Friday at 5pm. There were 10 votes, 7 for Dallas and 3 (I think) for Houston. The Chair did not vote. I say “I think” because 2 of the Houston votes did not include the name of the voter. In any event, there was a quorum and clear majority of those voting for the Dallas venue. I will present this vote to the TRU Board for approval on the 3/18 call.”
        2. Young: I need to bring up referee resources, we’ll have to bring in almost all of the center referees and almost all of the ARs. This will be an expensive weekend and I want to make sure we’re all OK with that.
        3. Kolberg: How many games are we looking at?
        4. Young: Most likely it’s 10 matches on Saturday and at least 3 on Sunday. Most of those referees will have to travel in and will need hotel rooms.
        5. Kolberg: I understand the budget concerns but feel that Dallas put in a very good bid. I think we go with the vote.
        6. Tolar: I’m not sure if we will have that many TRU D4 matches, some are having issues with fielding multiple sides.
        7. Hughes: I think from the smaller clubs would appreciate the lower hotel costs rather than having concerns over the referees cost.
        8. Young: I just wanted to bring this up as I felt I would be remiss in not bringing up budget.
        9. Dodge:  Sounds as though most of the referees would come from Austin anyway, so there would be a similar cost of going to Houston as well, and Austin got no votes.
        10. Young: There is a pretty good group of referees in Houston as well. I believe most referees will have to come from Austin and Houston.
      2. Seeding?
        1. Young: I updated the website, please check your division for accuracy. If any other changes need to be made, let me know.
        2. Kurylas: I looked at D3 and it’s fine.
        3. Dodge: Ok, we need someone to look at D2 as well. D1 is correct.
      3. Outreach directly to likely MD3 Wildcard Playoff teams re: New Format
        1. Dodge: Since we’re doing something a little different this year, can we do some direct outreach to those teams that look like they may be involved in the wild card playoff?
        2. Hughes: Yes, we can do that.
      4. Reminder of Tie Breaker Rules
        1. Dodge: Wendy, can you send out a reminder about the tie breakers again?
        2. Young: Sure.
      5. Reminder about Upcoming CIPP Deadline and Playoff Eligibility Rules
        1. Dodge: Wendy, can we also post about the upcoming CIPP deadline and playoff eligibility rules?
        2. Young: Yes, I have this scheduled for March 15 already.
    2. RRRC 7s
      1. TRU Referee Subsidy
        1. Dodge: As you all know, historically the host clubs have funded referees for summer 7s tournaments. With the advent of the USA Rugby Regional Qualifiers, however, TRU has stepped in to subsidize referees for the Qualifier brackets. Last year, we approved a hybrid TOLA/Qualifier bracket for the 3 Qualifier tournaments and worked out a formula with TRU for how referees for those tournaments should be funded. However, the formula proved to be a bit cumbersome, and TRU had to chase host clubs for their share of the referee expense. The hybrid brackets have been good for the health of the 7s competition, so we want to keep them (with some tweaks that the 7s Subcommittee is working out). So, yesterday, Kirk Tate and I informally discussed a proposal for a referee subsidy funding for the hybrid brackets this year. We came up with a proposal that I have forwarded to Fil Keuppens as the 7s Subcommittee Chair, for discussion among the Subcommittee. There is some data that needs to be gathered, and modifications to the host bid package to be made. I have asked Fil to have the Subcommittee’s final proposal ready for an e-vote later this week, so we can hopefully submit an approved proposal to the TRU Board on 3/18. Questions?
        2. Keuppens: Yes, I concur.
        3. Dodge: We’re basically going to prorate the divisions and the referee cost to the TRU.
      2. Host Bids
        1. Young: Will post after we confirm/announce RRRC 15s host.
        2. Keuppens: We’re also updating the bid parameters a bit and once we have those details we’ll post to the website. From there, the 7s subcommittee will make a recommendation to RRRC and TRU. We’ll then host an “all hands” call to discuss competition changes will any and all willing participants. Note that we have received outside requests from NOLA and Phantom 7s to play in our competition.
          1. Keuppens: Would we have any idea of what a prorated cost to those clubs would be?
          2. Young: No idea…
          3. Keuppens: I had heard there were discussions with the TRU about this.
          4. Young: I’d recommend contacting Kirk directly.
  3. 3/9 Galveston vs Woodlands – Woodlands ineligible player?
    1. Young: I received notice from a referee that Woodlands #9 was a UH player? I asked the MD3 reps to look into it.
    2. Hughes: We’ve been told that The Woodlands played an ineligible player. Galveston wasn’t aware and haven’t made any noise about it. If The Woodlands did play an ineligible player, what should we recommend to the TRU?
    3. Dodge: I reached out to the USAR Competitions Chair to see if we need to have a complaining party. Technically our book check procedures indicate that if a book check isn’t done, it’s waived.  
    4. Young; We have precedent though.
    5. Dodge: Yes, that last one I recall was possibly an issue with Arrows. Has anyone talked to The Woodlands?
    6. Young: We got the notice from a referee because this player received a yellow card. The player is NOT listed on the CMS roster either, it is blank.
    7. Kolberg: I think we go to Woodlands and see what they have to say. If it’s an excuse, we penalize them. We have to address this and we have to penalize this in some way shape or form. This can’t be done.
    8. Young: For the Arrows issue the match was declared a forfeit (they won that match) and they were accessed a $100 fine by the TRU.
    9. Hughes: I can reach out to Woodlands and see what they have to say. Issuing a forfeit wouldn’t do anything as Woodlands lost the match.
    10. Dodge: Ok, let’s start with that. Travis, please report back to us when you have more details. Once we have the details, we may want to do a quick email vote.
    11. Keuppens: Even though they are lower in the standings, shouldn’t we dock them points?
    12. Dodge: Let’s see what they have to say and then we can have an email discussion and vote.
  4. New Business
    1. USA Rugby Governance Reform Survey
      1. Watson: Did anyone receive the survey?
      2. Dodge: Yes, I believe it went to every CIPP’d player.
      3. Hale: I have not received anything.
      4. Dodge: I know a lot of the USA RUgby NCC folks got it in their spam folder. It would have come out last Tuesday or so.  The subject line of the email is “Be Apart of the USA Rugby Governance Reform” and I received mine last Monday 3/4/19 around 2:45PM.  Everyone please encourage your constituencies to have their members respond to this survey.
      5. Watson: If you didn’t receive it, send me an email and I’ll make sure it’s sent to you. I’d like to see the TRU with the highest return in results.
      6. Young: It’s a generic link, we can blast it on social media as well.
  5. Meeting adjourned (8:55 PM)