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Clarity of Suspended Competition & Rugby Activities – COVID-19

USA Rugby posted this notice to members earlier today on their website and we wanted to share with the TRU membership:

Dear Members,

Since the initial suspension, many questions have surfaced regarding which, if any, rugby activities are to be postponed during the hiatus. To clarify, all rugby activities across each level of the game are instructed to adhere to these guidelines. This includes match play, training and team related gatherings – whereby supplementing tackle for “touch” rugby is equally ill-advised. While USA Rugby understandably cannot mandate or patrol the actions of individuals across the country, we can provide the most up to date information as it pertains to the risks involved;

  • Participating in rugby activities of any variety are prohibited and ultimately irresponsible at this stage. Given the collective and contact nature of the sport, holding competition and/or training is at risk of possible spread of COVID-19. We ask all clubs, administrators and members to respect social responsibility and the instruction of health officials during this complicated time.
  • Accident & Liability Coverage: As a key value provided to USA Rugby members, it is vital that all understand accident and liability coverage will not be available during the suspension, regardless of claim. To clarify, this does not pertain only to potential cases of COVID-19. All liability claims will not be accepted for incidents occurring between March 13, 2020 and the official end of suspension. Accident and Liability coverage specifically states coverage applies “…with respect to events or other activities that are sanctioned, approved, or conducted by USA Rugby.”

We respect and appreciate that COVID-19 conditions around the country are not the same. However, implementing a precautionary nationwide policy is for the greater good at this stage, where the sport of rugby will continue to set a positive example.

As mentioned, USA Rugby will continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis and communicate all necessary information through the USA Rugby website and social media channels. Please stay tuned with these sources for real time information. In the meantime, we again ask all members to follow the advice of health officials in keeping themselves and those around them safe and supportive of corrective measures being taken worldwide.

Further questions on the matter can be submitted to USA Rugby through Membership Services, please email inquiries to membership@usa.rugby.