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TRU Board Notes – 11/23/20

At the request of our members the TRU Board will be releasing their monthly board call minutes and notes. View all of the TRU archived minutes or read on for the most recent notes:

Original date was 11/16/20 but moved to 11/23 due to availability.

  1. Roll Call
    1. Young
    2. Roche
    3. Dodge
    4. Wilson
    5. Tate
    6. Kurylas
    7. Tomsak
      1. Regrets
  2. Grants
    1. Morgan Williams – Board determined via email that individual wasn’t eligible for a grant from the TRU.
      1. Tate: While we determined that Willams wasn’t eligible as she isn’t currently playing for a TRU club, we do have a vested interest in coming up with solutions for bridging the gap between youth, college and club. I agree with the Board and the unanimous decision that was made in this case but I think we need to put in some thought into grant requests like this and how we might best identify and keep players like her in the game and in Texas specifically.
      2. Roche: Off the top of my head, I’m wondering if there is a place for a TRU intern/administrator that could be a paid position? In this case, it would have been great to have help at the Women’s All Star event. 
      3. Young: I like that idea, we have lots of big events that we always need help with. Championships, Summit, HOF or the All Star event. 
      4. Tate: Yes, that’s a great idea and something we can consider. 
      5. Dodge: Would this be something better for the HOF Foundation to look at? I’m just concerned with what criteria we would be using to make these selections. 
      6. Tate: Sure, we’d have to set some criteria and we’d want to look at funding sources. It could be something we fund with donations to the Foundation rather than member dues. We could specifically develop a fund for that type of program.
      7. Dodge: Yes, I think that would make it more palatable to our membership.
      8. Tate: Ok, let’s put this on the December agenda and we’ll revisit.
  3. RTP
    1. Dallas Harlequins Letter
      1. Tate: I forwarded to the Board a letter from the Quins. I did have further conversations with them and confirmed that they are requesting a delay in starting our season and are advocating that we roll back to Stage 3 in our COVID guidelines. Their concern is specifically around the safety of their members. Obviously we’ve all been thinking about it, I know the RRRC had a discussion about it a few weeks ago and we can’t avoid the news of how things are developing. I did do a bit of research of where our various jurisdictions are and it basically breaks down into three levels. OKC, Dallas and Shreveport are 60 or more cases per 100,000. Our out of metro like Little Rock, Corpus, McAllen are 40/1000,000 and San Antonio is around 20/100,000. So we’re not uniform in our regions but we all know it could turn on a dime. Fortunately, the places in Texas where things are the worst is where there isn’t any TRU rugby, which is way out West. So really the question for us is whether we as a UNion want to make a change to our anticipated season start (RRRC has already discussed) and our current COVID guidelines. I know in some cases clubs have already voluntarily shut their club training down but I know of the exact opposite occurring as well. So why don’t we start off with Dodge telling us where the RRRC is at.
      2. Dodge: So on the last call we basically assumed there would be no USA Rugby Round of 8, so we cleared that weekend out. We anticipate that we will move the January matches to the end of the schedule. We had wanted to wait until our December call to make a final determination but if the TRU thinks we need to make a quicker decision, we can do that.
      3. Tate; Yes, I think we need to make a quicker decision. I don’t want teams feeling like they have to get out there and train even if the rules don’t allow it. If we decide to pull things back and tighten things up, that more or less speaks for itself. Although, moving the games back may help with compliance.
      4. Dodge: I would frankly prefer no to go back to Stage 3. Primarily because that the virus is so ubiquitous that if you’re complying with the USAR guidelines including temperature checks, equipment cleaning, no team water bottles, that is essentially the same as going to a grocery store, work, or a family gathering. I think the people that are concerned about those types of risks probably aren’t going to train anyways. Stage 4 allows us to continue to play touch and I think that is going to be important to keep people around and engaged. Even if clubs aren’t training persay.
      5. Tate: I did make the point to the Quins in my emails with them that our guidelines are the minimum but if a local municipality were to say that the County judge has ordered no gatherings of no more than 5 people, that overrides any lesser guidelines that we’ve put out there. So, we’re not saying that with our guidelines that this is what everyone should be doing, these are the minimum safety standards that we require to be recognized. 
      6. Kurylas: I probably should have brought this up on the RRRC call but we have guys that aren’t coming out because of COVID. What if we do start to play and clubs are committed to multiple clubs and they can’t fulfill it?
      7. Dodge: The way I understand Stage 5 is that we’re back to effective normal with no government restrictions. Who knows when it will be? Is it when we get a vaccine?
      8. Tate: Unfortunately it’s a political thing…isn’t it?
      9. Dodge: When we get into Stage 5, are we going to take the position that you can’t play until you produce proof of vaccination or a recent test showing you have antibodies/natural immunity?
      10. Tate: I don’t know and we won’t figure that out tonight. I do think we need to push those January matches back at a minimum. I hesitate to cancel things but it is a lot easier to cancel at the last minute than to reinstate things at the last minute. So for members that ask “who are we kidding” or “why are we trying to schedule those games?”. The response is that we wanted to plan because if it’s not on the schedule, it’s not happening. 
      11. Young: I’m really torn about moving stages. We just moved to Stage 4 and we know that this is critical in keeping members engaged. But we want to keep everyone as safe as possible as well.
      12. Tate: I think it makes it even more tough when our government officials come straight out and say that they aren’t planning any more lockdowns. I don’t think there is any appetite at the government level to tighten things down right now. If that happens it would be at the Federal level after the inauguration. By that point we’re into late January. Ok, so Dodge will ask the competitions committee for a resolution on moving matches. If it’s positive then we will put together a notice to all of the members basically encouraging them to be safe and let everyone know that they shouldn’t feel obligated to train during this surge or infections just because there is a season bearing down on us.
      13. Dodge: Yes, I can do that. 
      14. Roche: I also think it’s a really important thing that was said that no one feels obligated to train. Everyone has to assess their own risk and I think that’s important for clubs and participants to do that for themselves. No one should feel like they have to. It’s your own decision. 
      15. Tate: I agree. 
  4. Sportlomo
    1. Tate: The Senior Club Council has a working group that is looking at Sportlomo issues. Dodge is heading that up along with Wendy and a few other folks. There have been discussions with USA Rugby about these issues and I talked with Jonathan twice today. We’re trying to work up a coordinated effort between all the GUs to try and get resolution. Those issues run the gambit from competitions management, club registration, how funds are being routed…you named it. One large issue we’ve identified is that the term “team registration” has led folks to believe they have to register all teams. That is not true and once a “team” has been registered, like the Austin Blacks, all 3 teams are covered. If they had a women’s side, that is a different team and would need to be registered and the fee paid. You don’t have to register Blacks MD1, MD2 and MD3. The registration fee is $50. What I would ask is that for all of you and the various constituencies you represent, gather any feedback on Sportlomo and share that with me, David or Wendy so we can feed that into the national effort. Any questions on that?
      1. Dodge: One question for Kat, when did TRRA renew with Who’s the Ref? What’s the term?
      2. Roche: The term is a year and it was renewed in August. Our main issue with Sportlomo currently is that it’s largely UK centric and doesn’t include all the features we have right now. One large gap is there is no distance calculator and that is critical as we have referees and teams all over the TRU including four states.
  5. TX Secretary of State status
    1. Tate: All the paperwork is in and everything has been filed. We’re waiting for it to be processed. 
  6. MD1 MOUs
    1. Dodge: Yes, I need to do some cat herding to get signatures on this. 
    2. Tate: I know that we discussed TRU signing the deal with Rugby HTX. Let’s get that done so I can get with Rugby HTX so we can move forward on this. This hasn’t been a popular decision and we’re aware of that. But, we know that IF MLR is successful, those teams will create academy sides, and when those sides are created, we would rather have them in our ecosystem then out of our system. If we can have say on things like player movement, it will benefit the TRU. If they exist completely outside our system, we cannot tell players to not go for them because that would hinder a player’s opportunity to develop. So we believe that it is best to work with them than freeze them out and potentially harm TRU’s players’ opportunities later down the line.
    3. Dodge: If we are the union working with the MLR and everyone else is fighting against them, we will get more players moving to this area and a rising tide lifts all ships. 
    4. Tate: Also good to note we are the only GU in the region that has three MLR teams and one close by.
    5. Tomsak: And NOLA chooses to play 7’s in our region.
    6. Tate: Yes.
  7. New Business
    1. None.
  8. Meeting Adjourned (8:46 PM)