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RRRC Competitions Committee Notes – 1/11/21

The Red River Competitions Committee releases their monthly committee call minutes and notes. View all of the archived RRRC minutes or read on for the most recent:

  1. Roll Call
    1. Young
    2. Roche
    3. Dodge
    4. Fosco
    5. Watson
    6. Dale
    7. Kurylas
    8. Keuppens (needed passcode)
    9. Hughes
    10. Leming (needed passcode)
    11. Tolar
      1. Regrets
        1. None
  2. RTP
    1. Spring Schedule
      1. Dodge: Thank you to everyone who gave input on our email discussion about the spring schedule. With a new, more contagious type of COVID on our shores, vaccinations proceeding more slowly than hoped / projected, and hospitals reaching a breaking point, our current league play start date of Feb. 6, 2021 is not feasible—particularly given the need for clubs to be able to do some full contact training before we start league play. The proposal:
        1. Move start of 15s season to 3/27/21;
          1. Survey the Clubs and see if any won’t be playing this season if we start that late and/or if they anticipate dropping sides;
            1. Create a Home or Away schedule based on the responses:
              1. Assuming all currently scheduled teams play, this will be 5-6 matches per team (depending on division) over the 8 Saturdays between 3/27/21 and 5/15/21 (including matches on Easter weekend);
              2. We can spread out the playoffs and do one round on 5/22, and the finals on 6/5 (this assumes no national championships); or
              3. Put all playoff matches on 5/22 as currently scheduled (with the exception of the MD3 wildcard round);
        2. All divisions will have a playoff.
        3. If we aren’t in Stage 5 by 3/1/21 then we scrap the season and go to the tournament format as a second fallback.
        4. Tournament Format:  Similar to what we contemplated for the fall. One tournament in each major metro area over 3 weekends:  5/8, 5/15, and 5/22.
        5. I’d also like to ask the 7s Subcommittee to get started on a Qualifier and TOLA schedule now, with the idea that we will be playing 7s by 6/12/21, at the latest.  If we get host commitments from Clubs early, we can put together a solid schedule and have a strong 7s season.
      2. Dodge: The survey would accompany this announcement and would include questions about interest in playing (with the late start), questions for multi-side clubs on numbers and such.
      3. Watson: We tried to set a schedule early on but we don’t know the rules or regulations at any time in the future. 
      4. Dodge: Let me say this, the whole ability to play at the end of March is that we would be back to Stage 5. My understanding of Stage 5 as it stands right now is that there are no restrictions. That may be modified in the future but right now what I’m proposing is based on Stage 5 with no restrictions.
      5. Watson: What do we do if the government says we can’t have more than 10 people participating or what if they require more protocols? We have teams that struggle with putting up ropes every game.
      6. Roche: That’s where we are, which isn’t Stage 5…
      7. Dodge: What stage you’re in is determined by local guidelines and everything we’ve been talking about for months. None of us have a crystal ball but we want to be prepared for when we can be allowed to play again.
      8. Dale: I agree and it’s really the only thing we can do. Rather than jump into tournaments or 7s we have to take things a few weeks at a time. 
      9. Dodge: Right, I think if we just said we’re going to wait for the summer and only do 7s, that wouldn’t be good for the sport. We have to keep hope alive.
      10. Watson: We need to know that the clubs will follow the rules and regulations set forth. We also need to know how multi-side clubs will be available. Teams won’t know what rules and regulations to follow and won’t want to share that information with us.
      11. Roche: Ron, I really don’t think we need any teams that are going to want that specific information. They will make a best guess like we all are.
      12. Dodge: The one thing I can say about how we’ve restructured the multi-side clubs is it allows flexibility. 
      13. Dale: If clubs are struggling for numbers then we may want to think about guest players or relaxing eligibility.
      14. Watson: Didn’t we say there wasn’t going to be Nationals this year?
      15. Young: The call on Nationals hasn’t been made yet. I would like to have more data before we switch to home or away or make major changes to the schedule. I know there are some clubs that aren’t training at all and some are holding regular activities. I’d also like to ask clubs a bit more about who’s training, what kind of training are they doing, numbers at training…etc.
        1. Tolar: I think we should also ask clubs if their facilities will be available for our proposed dates.
        2. Young: Yes, I can add that. Good question.
      16. Dodge: Ok, I’m not opposed to those additional questions but I want to have hard dates given to our clubs. I think they need to know the dates so they can build out plans.
      17. Roche: What if we gave hard dates but then send out the survey before announcing any schedule changes?
      18. Young: Yes, I’m more inclined to send out a note that we’re not playing on Feb 6 and include the survey. Then we can send out the revised schedule. I’m hearing friction from the clubs that some don’t feel that we’ve involved them in the RPT process. So that may give a bit more context on where my request of order is coming. Does that make sense?
      19. Dodge: Again, I’m not opposed to the survey but I think we need to provide more information on the proposed schedule to the clubs.
        1. Hughes: I agree, if I don’t know ‘what’ kind of season we’re going to have, I don’t know how I can answer the questions on the survey.
        2. Leming: I’m with Travis, if I don’t know hard dates it will be difficult to give the best data. I do agree that the data is important but I don’t think we should keep the clubs sitting in limbo.
      20. Dodge: Any other discussion? None.
        1. Hughes: Second.
        2. Dodge: Any opposition? None. APPROVED.
          1. Young: Who is making the survey? And the announcement to the clubs?
          2. Dodge: Wendy, can you make a first pass on the survey? I’ll take a pass at the schedule announcement.
          3. Young: Sure. 
    2. RTP Stages
      1. Hughes: On the email chain with Dodge’s proposal Wendy had mentioned that the RTP Taskforce was discussing moving back to Stage 3. What came of that?
      2. Young: Yes, I proposed that we move back to Stage 3 due to the increase in cases, hospitalizations and deaths across our playing areas. My concern is that with the recent Holidays and allowing our teams to stay in Stage 4 that we are more than likely contributing to community spread without meaning to and placing our members in danger. There was robust discussion and we looked at each region’s current government regulation and stage but the majority of the group felt we could stay in Stage 4. 
      3. Roche: On that note, I keep getting questions from clubs and members about how we are using our “opinions” to govern what stage we are in. I would like to ensure we are all backing our reasoning for our current stage with government regulations and not our opinions. We are currently in Stage 4 in TX because the TX Outdoor Sports Participants is not allowing groups of over 10 to gather, thus we cannot play games. Not because “numbers are high, ICU beds are filling, etc”. That is all very true but I don’t think it’s our job to become the experts in the field and change our stance based on that alone.
      4. Kolberg: I had a call with Southern Methodist University Athletics about what protocols they have in place and why they are allowing athletics to occur. They pointed me to the UIL COVID Guidelines. They are very stringent and the requirements would be a stretch for most of our teams and would come at a pretty price. So if we want our teams to follow those kinds of protocols, we could be in Stage 5.
      5. Dodge: When the RTP Taskforce looks at these things we do look at other sports and do comparisons. They are all data points that we take into account.
      6. Roche: I also have a question about sanctioning matches in Oklahoma?
        1. Dodge: Are they in Stage 5?
        2. Young: No, the entire TRU is in Stage 4. 
        3. Roche: Oklahoma appears to be allowing all sports at this point without restriction.
      7. Dodge: These are all valid questions but these are really topics for the TRU Board call next week. As far as Oklahoma I’m not familiar with what you’re looking at Kat, can you bring whatever you’re looking at to the TRU call next week?
        1. Roche: Of course.
        2. Young: I’ve already added this topic to the agenda for next week’s call.
        3. Dodge: Great, we can discuss more and keep this group updated.
  3. MD1 MOUs
    1. Dodge: I’m going to send the Rugby HTX one to Kirk this week. We had to make some tweaks around match locations and post match festivities for lower level clubs but we got it done. The Glendale MOU may be dead due to COVID and air travel. Any questions or concerns? None.
  4. New Business
    1. None.
  5. Meeting Adjournment (8:41 PM)