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TRU Open to Play! All Regions in Stage 5

The safety of our members will always be in the forefront. We appreciate your compliance with the pause in play earlier in the summer and your continued attention as we moved regions into Stage 3 or 5 based on available data. At this time, cases & hospitalizations are steadily decreasing in all regions of the TRU and so the Board has voted to open the entire region to Stage 5, meaning that clubs can hold full-contact training and games without restrictions.

We will continue to monitor the COVID pandemic in the TRU and surrounding areas and update members as appropriate. Monitoring includes primarily the number of cases and number of available ICU beds (see data). Note that we were making daily updates but will move to every other week.

We continue to urge all members to be vaccinated. We want to thank everyone for their help and patience in getting us to this point and stress the need to maintain transparency in terms of reporting and contact tracing in the event of an outbreak. Through your diligence, it appears we’ve weathered the COVID 3rd wave in time for the fall season.